Sunday, August 31, 2008

Robert Pattinson...from Diggory to a Vampire

Yep, I feel kindda dumb right now for thinking it's a different guy. I was like "OMG this guy looks like Cedric Diggory". Guess what my dumb-ass-self, it is him. Inaway talaga ang sarile eh noh?!

His name is Robert Pattinson, an English actor, musician, and surprise he's a model. DUH?! By far, HP4 pretty much was the one to put him on the map and recognized internationally. Then came this movie, Twilight. I've already heared a lot of buzz about this movie (to be released on cinemas nationwide by November 20th) and the book too. I guess Harry and Cedric really have rivalry outside of the book. Daniel had the title role of Harry then Robert for Twilight. Hehe!

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