Monday, May 26, 2008

Dare to be a Gabriela Silang?

Marian sure did. This may sound quite bias because I am a proud Kapuso and Marian Rivera fan (I'm jologs I know), but as a human being who can get hurt, I dare say that my stand is by her side.
Last week, this Youtube video dropped like a bomb and made headlines. Obviously, this is an attempt to bring the Dyesebel star's name down. "Kapag ang puno hitik sa bunga, laging pinupukol." Tama ba yun? Anyway, that's the most appropriate line for this situation.
Celebrities are the people whom the ordinary people look up to. Often, they are said to be near perfection. Perfection personified as they are, that won't change the fact that they're still human. At least Marian is not some hypocrite trying to portray a saint just for the sake of her career. Being a true Cavitena and a true Filipina, she's just being the tough girl that she is. Certainly not the type of girl whom you can walk on. What happend here is that she was provoked for her to react in such a way that people would consider very unlady-like.
Please! If this is an attempt on making her look bad, this would have to be the lamest. Terrible in fact. But as lame and terrible as it is, I would like to extend my gratitude to that guy. Thank you because Marian gained even more supporters that detractors. People like the REAL thing now. With her tough persona, she gained more fans for people want someone to look up to who can stand for herself. Marian, good to see some real people in the industry. Keep it up and may God bless you always.
You be the judge:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Renaldo Lapuz did it again!!!

American Idol season 7 has finally ended. David Cook won (darn it!) but I believe he deserves it, though I really thought Archuleta's gonna win. This AI season finale made my day because I saw our proud kababayan Renaldo Lapuz who's now as popular as Cook is all over the world. Who can forget his audition piece (which he composed himself) that made Paula dance. Now that's a winning moment. It sucks that Archuleta didn't win but hey, I know he'll make it big. For your enjoyment, Reynaldo Lapuz.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vanity Fair...

When you're pissed with your hair what do you do? I got my hair grow for like almost 2 months so perhaps it's the perfect time to have my hair cut. Now I went to this salon that I'll never gonna go again (seriously). The original plan was to have a brand new look. I said to this guy that I want to have this certain cut. Normally, if you're in a "salon", you'll get free shampoo and stuff. With this one, I got nada, as in nothing like it. Worst service, worst cut, worst everything. After leaving the so called "salon" I got the worst mood ever. I got so pissed that I decided to cut my hair even shorter. Of course I didn't do it myself. I went to the barbershop and had my hair chopped off again. The service was way better trust me. Now my hair is tons better like this. And for the third time, my mom was shocked to see me again with the hair do...

Friday, May 9, 2008

wanna be on TOP?

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

love 'em MEAN...

Our local telenovelas, telefantasyas, etc., won't be as great as they are with out the kontrabidas. What is a bida's worth if there won't be villains to darken their days. Here are some of the Philippines' finest on what they do best...playing the MEAN girls.

Who would forget this line: "You're nothing, but a second grade, trying hard, copy cat!" Imortalized by no other than Ms. Cherie Gil. She's simply the classic glamour girl who's presence is simply intimidating.

Gladys Reyes will always be associated with her then role Clara in the soap Mara Clara. She really knows how to play maldita towards the role of Ms. Judy Ann Santos, Mara.

Ms. Jean Garcia. I thought that it was impossible to see her in a non-kontrabida role. Damn was she great as Madam Claudia in Pangako Sa 'Yo. Now, she plays the former queen of Sirenea and the mother of Dyesebel (played by Marian Rivera) in Dyesebel. Major flip of character may I add.

Jean is now on the 'good side' while Mylene dizon took her place. Her role in Dyesebel as Dyangga is certainly one of the biggest in the said telefantasya. Playing as the evil queen is perhaps one of her expertise.

A true blue kontrabida should know how to be sadista, and Ms. Pinky Amador showed she can. Magdusa Ka definitely showed her bad side opposite Dina Bonnevie. Give her a whip and she'll surely work it.

Last but not the least, the queen of 'em all... The original and legendary Ms. Celia Rodriguez. You can feel her intimidating energy just through her stare. I remember seeing her once in Trinoma. She have her personal assistant with her looking glamourous and fierce. She's the epitome of a true kontrabida for me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The NOT so Talented Mr. Montano...

That's the title of Brian Gorrell's blog site. Ever since I've heared of the site (thanks to Good Times with Mo), there won't be a day that I won't visit. What made me get interested with this one at first wass not because of the whole stealing issue. I got hooked to it because it involves the 'Philippine high society' and their so-called group "Gucci Gang". But then as I read the whole content of the blog, I realized that I've not paid attention to the real issue which involves the owner of the blog. I'm not sure exactly when his blog started but it have been around pretty much a long time now. His blog made it to our local tv stations, prints and radio, so it is now a hard to ignore thing. Now it tackles some issues that you won't even think came from a foreign guy. Guys, I recommend reading his blog especially my fellow pinoy guys out there...

A new pal... Mr. Gorrell

Was there anything exciting at all happened to me since my last post? Yeah, definitely! Well, I made friends with a popular personality... Too bad he's damn so depressed and all. I'm actually listening to him now on the radio. The guy I'm talking bout is Brian Gorrell. Such a nice guy people. I had the opportunity to have a chat with him on YM last Tuesday. We talked about some random stuff. I'm trying to stay out of the stressful topics (which actually made him a popular blogger that he is) so that I wont destroy his day. HE's such a nice person guys I'm telling you. Brian, dude, my support will always be on your side, told you that and I really do mean it. To those people who're trying to bring him down, you are messing with the wrong guy. Gay guys are just not the people you wanna mess with.
Brian is such a passionate guy with what he's fighting for and what he believes in. Like every time he's in Mo's show (Good Times with Mo), I can feel the strong emotions of this guy like crazy... Such a shame that it takes a foreigner to open the eyes of many of our countrymen here in the Philippines. Please, try to listen, perhaps you'll learn a thing or two. Stop hate and discrimination.