Thursday, September 27, 2007

some snap shots...

Sorry for these not so clear photos here. I just took some pictures while watching ANTM on my laptop. But these girls sure did make it work. Here's Lisa and Heather...

LISA...with the face tumor

Heather...on second hand smoking

first to GO HOME...

ANTM 9's first casualty, Mila. When the final 13 were chosen, she was the first to be called. Too bad she's the first one to pack her belongings and go home.

Hmmm... What can I say bout the start of the real competition. The house is great, I'm just not wowed bout it. The statement of going GREEN is excellent though. For me the best ANTM house yet was back in Dani's days, Cycle 6. Now that's green! The first photo shoot revealed who got the real potential. My personal picks for this one are Sarah, Lisa, and Heather. Out of the girls there, these three stood out the most. The photoshoot was all about the bad effects of smoking.

Sarah doesn't look like a plus size on her picture. I thought Mila is more curvatious than her. Stunning picture!

Lisa, she kicked Bianca's ass after delivering a better photo. Bianca was like, "do you think you did better than me?" I like the way Lisa stood up for herself when Bianca said that America's Next Top Model couldn't be some exotic dancer. As if she's anything like a role model herself.

And last but not the least Ms. Heather. Her illness really isolates her among the other girls. The other's were ganging up behind her back. But despite the whole slight autism thing, she had the most captivating at the same time disturbing photo of all.

I could have posted here the pix for this specific photoshoot but can't find it on the net yet... Anyways, looking forward on the next episode... Makeover I suppose...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yoanna House in Queer Eye

Now this one's a cute photo shoot with the daddies. Ms. Yoanna House guested in Queer Eye. I clicked on this video because of her not necessarily because of the fab 5 or the naked photoshot but i find it cute though. Hehe!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the new generation of PINK GAMES...

Bubble Gang got it covered. See the transformation of our regular Pinoy games into something remarkably gay...

Boom Tiyayavush (boom tiyaya)

bubukesh ang floweret
jojosok ang reynabelz
shochurva ng chacha
pa jembot jembot fah

boom tiyayavush
boom tiyayavush chenes! (2x)

Pen Pen (pen pen de sarapen)

pen pen de chorvaloo
de kemerlaloo de eklavoo
hao hao de chenelyn
de big yuten
sfriti dapat iipit
goldness filak
sa tabi ng chenes

shoyang fula
talong na fula
shoyang fute
talong na mafute
chuk chak chenes
nano uz ek

Shogu shoguan (tagu taguan)

shogu shoguan
ning ning galore ang buwan
pag counting ng krompu
nakashogu na kayey
jisa, krolawa, shotlo, kyopat, jima,
kyonim, nyitoert, walochi, syamert, krompu

Mr. Bradford is kindda cute...

As I'm impatiently waiting for Ms. Iza Calzado's first Hollywood film "the Echo", I came across with pictures of Jesse Bradford (star of King of the Hill, Flags of Our Fathers, etc.) and the looks can't escape a gay guy's eyes.
In my opinion, he have this hunk and fresh to look at qualities.

I just wanna remind you guys to watch the movie The Echo when its out ok!? Ciao!

Monday, September 24, 2007

some Japanese guy complainin...

This dude is complainin bout the size of his thing down there... What are the Americans to do with your problem dude? I myself is an asian but... ok I don't wanna brag on it. You'll figure out what I'm tryin to say. HEHE! LOLz!

the FUTURE of Fashion... ANTM Cycle 9

Now this post is long over due so here it is now. Cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model is now taking the world by a storm. This cycle of the numbah one reality show in America (for me) marked its first episode last Sept. 19. I've only get to watch it the next day though. So anyway, the girls go cruisin and the final 13 were named. Funny that people already now who's gonna be in the house before the premier episode. At least we get to see how they're chosen. Sucks thouh because I was expecting a two hour special like the past cycles. Quite disappointed bout it. Fohget bout it and just enjoy it.

Hmmm... Personal picks... I like Lisa. I think everything bout her is very modelesque. Victoria the one with the long face. I have to agree with Tyra that her face is quite interesting. And the girl with the hump, Heather. I think in the end she'll have the most transformation. She actually reminds me of Ms. Shandi Sullivan from Cycle 2. The awkward mousy girl that turned into a super high fashion girl. I hope she'll stay long enough. Lots of black girls this season. Some of 'em can easily be ditected as bitches. Don't wanna name one. Hehe! And oh, the not so plus size girl Sarah. I think she's one of the prettiest girl there. Again another Sarah got into the house. I think she's the 6th. I hope this cycle will be one of the best.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

gimme more

How come this guys sound way better than what Britney did?

Cute guys too!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sizzler of Celebrity Duets

I gotta type this in!!! I have to admit I got about 15% envy on Dr. Belo! Jeez men does she have one of the hottest hunk in town right now. As I'm typing this in, Celebrity Duets is on air. Dr. Hayden Kho (Vicky Belo's bf)just sang a flaming hot BED of ROSES. Wooohhhchao!!! He's wearing this sleeveless shirt and have a print on it saying BELO BODY if I'm not mistaken. Then after he perform and was asked to join with Ogie Alcasid (host), he just ripped off that freakin shirt and I was like HOT HOT HOT! I mean come on now! The weeks before I think he's ok, cute, and pretty brave performer too tryin to hit the high notes and all. Then came this episode just right now and not only am I blown with his voice, cheeze luis, is he gorgeous!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

what if they still live today...

I could have been a big, big fan of these two wonderful and great performers of all times... Selena Perez and the king Elvis Presley...

Elvis Presley sure is the "king of rock and roll". Such a legendary name that even those who were not even born in his time (including moi) somehow knows him. And to those who were, his moves and killer looks would still remain an inspiration. I mean come on now, if he's like in his 20's right now and alive, probably I have a big crush on this guy!!! Anyways, we got our Richard Gutierrez..HEHE! Richard's father is like one big fan of the king and even adored and copied some of Presley's looks. Haaay...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSelena Quintanilla Perez... I'm just a kid when she got big so it would be too hard to recall those times. When I watched the Selena movie on HBO, I was like hey she's so damn great. At the same time it felt sad to know the fact that she died in a very tragic way. On the positive side, I think J. Lo was perfect for the role. And Kudos to the people behind the movie because they did a really great job on it. I get to feel Selena's presence there. Not to mention, cute love story between Selena and Chris. Chris is hot by the way! HEHE! Selena, where ever you are, I just want you to know that I'm one of your biggest fan now...