Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Elyse Sewell fans out there!? Yoohoo!?

Wala lang! Hehehe! Just like to share with you a pic from her LiveJournal account. I know you fans out there are gonna love this. No doubt that every inch of this girl screams MODEL!!!

I think she's selling this outfit...

Monday, September 29, 2008

what's behind the "Rosemary's Baby" cut?

Remember that ANTM Cycle 5 hair diva? Yep, that's Cassandra who chose her 2-3 inches of hair over the competition. That dreaded "Rosemary's Baby cut" of Mia Farrow made her decide not to continue with it [such a dumb decision].

So I was watching the 2006 remake of the movie Omen this morning and at the opening credits I saw Mia Farrow's name. I was like, hmmm... I think I can distinguish her right away despite of her age. She looks more aged in the movie since her role was the evil nanny/protector of Damien [the son of the devil]. She's an American actress whome stardom began with a soap-opera and screen tested for a role in Julie Andrew's "The Sound of Music".

Nope, this is not Twiggy. This was Mia Farrow back in late 1960's. This was the famous Mia Farrow hair cut for the movie Rosemary's Baby.

This is what more or less Ms. Farrow looks like right now.

Mia as Mrs. Baylock

This was the "Ms. Pasaway" Cassandra Whitehead that is now enjoying her all grown brunette hair.

Since Cassandra couldn't handle the 'cut', it was given to Mollie Sue Steenis Gondi of Cycle 6 which really helped her career after the competition.

ANTM 11 on Philippine TV?

I'm not a hundred percent sure yet about this one but I'm really, really hoping for it. I tuned to the Star World Channel (which also features channel [V]) and I saw the commercial for ANTM11. It will premiere on October 12th. Well of course its already several episodes behind but it would be fun to watch it all over again in the comfort of my own bedroom. This would be pretty neat...hehe!

Well, well, well... it would be really, really nice if the one you're rooting for would win and then watch it happen all over again... So, who is it gonna be... Out of 14 finalists, these girls are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model...





Lauren Brie





This one was from last week's photoshoot... I didn't get to post this one because Sheena's portfolio at CW was wacked up last week.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Project Runway S05E11 -- too tight for HipHop

This post's a little too late but whatever... This episode trully is a unique one. Though it was a reminiscent of a challenge way back in Season 2 where Nick Verreos was eliminated after designing a look for his fellow designer. And so, this week's challenge was to design for one of your competitor with a specific musical genre. Sabotage could have been the word but I don't think they could possibly do that while designing for one another.

Korto designed PunkRock for Suede -- yep, I agree that it was a bit draggish

Suede designed Rock for Jerell -- way too subtle for rock... Kiss would be ashamed

Jerell designed Pop for Kenley -- definitely not in her 1950's era / could have been the winning look

Kenley designed "HipHop" for Leanne -- I thought HipHop's supposed to be baggy [BTW, I'd like to express my great dislike for Kenley for being such a stubborn, hard-headed, and non good listener bitch that she is -- f*ck you! -- I do think that Leanne's workin it in this picture and you 50's grandma should be greatful bout it]

Leanne designed Country for Korto -- too much guhdunk-dunk huh?!

This was a fun challenge actually and after watching some previous boring episodes, I was finally amused again.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

America's Next Top Model S11E05 -- drowned in the "isis"

Extra! Extra! Two went home this week!

One at the runway challenge and one after the normal judging... I think they do it everytime that they cast 14 girls [though last season it came earlier than they expected it because of Kimberly].

The BlindFolded runway challenge. That was a first. Freakin out the girl if they're gonna fall off the runway because of those stupid blindfolds. Well good for them not to end up in Americas Funniest Videos though two of 'em were just tragic. Hannah and Samantha. Hannah was labeled the train wreck and Samantha the stripper. In the designer's opinion [who was BTW Jeremy Scott] Samantha should have been eliminated for the "insult" of misrepresenting him. But because she's just not made for the catwalk, Hannah was sent packing. Joslyn won the challenge and as a prize, she had an editorial photoshoot for Seventeen magazine [which in my opinion is a bit overrated now on the show...as in gagging overrated] with Isis and Sheena and I have to say that the photo came out fierce...

Then came the photoshoot. The idea was really, really nice though hearing the story behind it was kind of blah. So anyway, the girls were shot showing their best "smile-with-your-eyes" pose exposing only from their nose bridge to up. All in all I think it was fantastic. I'm not happy that Clark was named the best this week and was called first instead of my bets but yeah, fierce intense eyes. My faves for this particular shoot were Sheena, Analeigh, Lauren Brie and of course Marjorie. No Elina for this one because she struggled quite a it on being stuck with her poses. She admitted it anyway so...

A game is a game so if you won't stand out and fight for it, you'll never gonna make it. As much as I root for this "girl", sad to say that she was fading week to week and now came her time to go. Isis. She looked literally drowned on her picture and that costed her the competition...


Lauren Brie

Marjorie -- can hardly tell that it's her

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E09 -- RTW disaster

Again, I came home a bit too late to make it on the start of tonight's show... All I caught on TV was some hideous clothing line from Eli's team. I figured it out that it was a group challenge of three in making three RTW looks for Cinderella [I think]. Since six people were left, there were two groups formed: {Jaz's team: Aries and VeeJay} {Eli's team: Philip and Mara}. I'm not into any Cinderella's clothing line (DUH?!) for obvious reasons but it is also quite obvious that Jaz's team got the challenge in the bag for being more cohesive and well responded "collection". The judges think that Eli's dress was only a piece of craft -- craft/crap (haha corny) -- and Mara's just not corporate enough unlike what she said.

FInally, after weeks of ups and downs; being the most inconsistent designer out of the whole bunch, Eli was sent home. Well in my opinion at least he got two challenge wins to be proud of kahit na mejo parang chamba lang. So any way, I don't think he's of any way feel bad about it except the part that he'll sure miss the people he got along well in the competition.

Now, the TOP 5 of Project Runway Pinas were chosen... Aries, Veejay, Jaz, Philip, and Mara. So who will be the next big Filipino fashion designer?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Josh Groban that I've never heared before...

Of course I know who he is and I know some of his songs... This particular performance at The Emmy Awards was just not his usual thing... I caught just a glimpse of the of the Awards night yesterday and I didn't get to see this part on TV. It was just brought up as a topic in my ever fave radio show Good Times with Mo this morning so I looked it up on YouTube...So here it is:

Never seen him perform like this...I love the SouthPark part! hehe!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why I love Paulina Porizkova over Twiggy...

Granted that Twiggy was a legendary supermodel and that she revolutionized the fashion industry in her own way...she's just not for a show like ANTM [I mean for a judge that is]. She replaced Janice Dickinson [crazy and obnoxious that she was but still so well loved] and succeeded by Paulina Porizkova just last season.

Here's the thing bout Paulina. I love her because she's opinionated, lovely, a tremendously gorgeous model back in her times [she still is gorgeous], very professional, and way far from boring. Sorry Twiggy but by far, I would really prefer Paulina over you.

Since she mentioned Isis here...I'd like to share with you a clip from last season's photoshoot where she participated [homeless photoshoot]. Yep, she worked it well. [FastForward at 7:08]

Friday, September 19, 2008

Survivor Pinas -- first tribal council

Wow -- I watched some seasons of Survivor (America) and all of 'em were pretty intense, dramatic, physically challenging, and lots of mind game involved. Watching our own version of Survivor, I'm very impressed [being a GMA7 loyalist aside] on how it turned out.

Tonight is the first Tibal Council and watching the 'castaways' begin their plans and strategies, you'll see who's real, who's acting his way to the top, who's there for the experience, etc. What's driving me nuts was the little groups within their tribes forming. The Bisaya vs. Tagalogs, lower middle class vs. the rich kids... Looks like JC's charm and background made him an easy target to some. The others think that this guy doesn't need the 3 million prize. His future is much more secured compared to the others. Emerson emerged to be the player of the pack. A self confessed actor. Maybe he thinks that he can play the people round him in his hands...big mistake.

JC [hardcourt heartthrob]

Emerson [the technician]

Chev [Bisayang Palaban] -- first to go home... I'm not quite sure why but I think she was eliminated because of their recent challenge. Kung baga eh nagpahamak sa tribe nila. Just a bit of her background -- Separated from her Thai national husband and two kids; once worked as a GRO and addicted to drugs. Trying to start anew, she joined the show in the hope of bagging the title and the 3 million prize -- sorry pero sawi na naman sya... better luck next time ika nga...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S05E10 -- when I grow up I wanna be famous...

Wala lang! This episode reminds me of that PCD's song because the challenge was to create a new look for the girls whom were fresh graduates. I thought it's going to be another MOMs challenge [that was terrible--especially for Jeffrey] but nope, it's for the daughters.

Fast Forward [a bit] -- Dealing with the clients themselves is one thing, but dealing with both the clients and the moms is just more than enough of a challenge. Lots of kiss-ass as usual because that's what it is all about more than the design alone. Kenley -- hating her every week. Why? She's super, super annoying, overly confident, very arrogant person. I'm sorry but that's just how I feel about her. Granted that she is talented but sometimes she just misses the point. She sure do has her opinions, she has her "aesthetics" beyond comparison [blah!], and a very annoying voice. To cut the long story short, I don't f*ckin get her.

Enough of that...So my faves this week are Jerell and Korto...

Jerell -- winner


Because you're design has nothing to do with being a graphic designer...Sorry Joe...you're out. Auf'd...

America's Next Top Model S11E04 -- the girl with the FANCY hair

Yep, it's the MAKE-OVER episode and it really did a good thing for the girls who need 'em the most...

Before I go on with my rants and praises with their new looks, I'd just like to comment on the new opening credits. It's the first time for me to see this so bear with me. First thing into mind --Tyra, Tyra, Tyra, it's her show, don't dare go against it. Well, yeah it IS her show but...I think it's a bit too narcissistic, agree? I have to say that Elina and Samantha looks damn gorgeous on the credits while hands-down, Sharaun's the worst [not surprised at all].

MAKE OVERS -- the whole Snow White-ish [or should I say Black] intro for the make-overs was just ridiculous but...oh well. I'd just share you my faves. Lots of 'em turned out great but these two are just insanely beautiful.

Marjorie -- Platinum blonde to brunette. What I think about this girl is that she's always nervous in person but when the camera's start clicking, she turns into a supermodel.

Elina -- WTF! Either you hate it or love it. I'm not quite sure on what to comment about her new look. Her hair reminds me of Brittany of cycle 8 where she got that evil red bushy hair that driven the whole house nuts. All in all I think she pulled it off despite of the tears.

Lauren Brie -- The girl that wowed me since last week. No drastic change, just made her a bit more blonde, but turned out so fab. She's in the running for the most high-fashion girl this season.

This was her last week's foto [as Tyra said, one of the top 5 best fotos in Top Model history].

In terms of performance, aside from these three girls, I'd like to commend Samantha, Sheena, and especially Joslyn. Joslyn's not one of my faves but I do think that she's damn good! Her fotos are stunning. As for Samantha, I really like her new short hair for it does make justice for her face and this week's foto is really, really nice. And of course Sheena. Finally, an Asian girl who can rock it. By far not the best girl but higyly commendable.



High-fashion is the name of the game this cycle and I think this time around Tyra did a good job on picking her girls [not entirely though]...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E08 -- love is in the air

The challenge for the week was to design something romantic for their client's night out with their husbands (gets mo?). To be honest, I missed i think more than half of the show but I think I can pull this one off. Yep, I missed most of the drama (which I love to watch every week) so I'm sort of disappointed...

Regarding with the challenge and the designers' works, I'm not crazy about most of 'em but Eli's here again bouncing back from the worst (not to mention, he's almost ELIminated last week). I have to agree with Rajo that Eli's perfomance is like a roller coaster in the sense that he's not being consistent. Haaayyyy Eli... Second win though not so much of a good thing just like what Rajo said. Anyway, moving along. The issue with the other designers like Philip and Ivan, was that their designs were a bit aging. Ava's dress I think was such a mess that I can't quite figure out how it works. Two designers were asked to go since last time no one got eliminated...and those two designers were Ava, and Ivan. As weird as Ava looks, I love that girl...simply because she's weird like me. Hehe! Enge wafarers! hehe! Jowk!


I love tonight's episode because I caught a glimpse on Jigs Mayuga [crush]! Hehe! Why not? I think he's hot!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Survivor Pinas -- friggin HAWT outcasts!!!

Be the last one standing...that's the main goal of the game. Finally, the father of all reality shows is here in search for the ultimate Pinoy sole survivor. Different folks from different backgrounds and personalities. Generally, they're athletic in body type and looks like they're super fit for the challenges. Cheeze luiz... Lots of 'em are good lookin with bangin bodies! Seriously, they're mucho caliente!

In the girls' division [Naak Tribe], this girl caught my eyes because of her remarkable and unique features. She looks almost like a native American Indian or something. Her name is Patani, perfect name to match her persona. Guess what...she's a yaya. Why not, right?

The other one that stood out for me was Zita, the labandera. I dunno but I think her 'ace' to make it to the finals is her long lasting endurance proven by all the challenges presented to her in her life.

Heyyy...Tyra would be proud of this pic coz she's got the neck...Nice job Zita!

With the boys division [Jarakay tribe], they got super HOT hot hot macho guys. Sorry but most of 'em can be underwear models (even the eldest one huh!). Though that Marlon (the waiter) guy is getting into my nerves this early (BTW, he's the only chub among the group), this tribe has a very big chance of out lasting the other, showing their potential on their first challenge.

For a perfect match up with Patani, we have Kiko. He's definitely a head-turner with looks like this. For the first time, I'm not disgusted with a guy beneath the dread locks (hope i spelled it right). That kind of hair just looks like sh*t to me but hey, he made it look damn good.

Lookin for a boy-next-door look, here's JC. He's the Hardcourt Heartthrob of San Sebastian so it's no surprise that he got the face of a heart breaker and a body of an athlete. I dunno if there's a use for his charm in the competition but for sure, he's one good reason to watch the show (for others ok?!).

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where is a camera when you need it the most?!

Not that I'm taking my camera phone for granted, but the reality was that, it's not fit for the job. The Hundred Island trip could have been a perfect opportunity for cam whoring... Yep, cam whoring... Hehe! So anyway, though I didn't get that chance to capture lots of beautiful stuff and moments, I enjoyed myself a lot. Despite the little misadventures along the way, I'm still glad to be there and not dare miss it...

I wish I could share lots of fotos but as what I said, I got only a few. And most of those few fotos we're a bit too uninteresting so nah...rather not share it. I'm still hoping (no...im expecting some) to see some good ones from my dear classmates and friends (angie! enge naman piktyurs)...hehe!

The best part of the whole experience was...hmmm...i guess when we reached the islands. Breath taking...just as what I've heared of it before...haaay...

I'll share with you some pics from my cam fone later...only if I'll ever get the drive to do so... Cheers to Bolinao and Alaminos!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E07 -- the one who dared insult Rajo

This week's challenge is to make a uniform / a new look for the Beverly Hills 6750 employees.

Eli, Eli, Eli... it's a love-hate thing for me towards him. I have no problem with him being a laid back person, but this week, it seems like he's not there to compete. You know the feeling when you feel so competitive to achieve a common goal, then you'll see your fellow competitor(s) just there not exerting enough effort simply because he/she thinks that he'll/she'll do an ok job... Frustrating... Just a bit...

Yep...the guy who made Rajo felt insulted is no less than Eli. Just what Rajo said, he's reaction was only because he knows Eli could do so much more than just laying his back on his immunity. And his (Eli's) excuse was even more unacceptable when he said that since he got that immunity, why not help his co-designers which eventually caused such a poor performance. The judges said that it was a waste and plain ugly. With all this been said and done...Eli's still smiling. Positivity extraordinaire... He could have been eliminated if not for his immunity.

Never in the history of Project Runway that they didn't send a designer home for a challenge. No one's got eliminated this week only because the bottom two (Mara and Ivan) does not include the worst for the challenge...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Stripey Monsters Inc.

It's official! Stripey Monsters Inc. is officially open for business. Please visit this link for my work samples and details...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

...commin' soon...

they're created... they're alive... they're commin for ya... soon...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Why does the Sproutwells got another Package?

It isn't a nice feeling if someone next door just can't keep their self out of your business. Based on experience, I just want to spray tear gas straight on those eyes!
The Fresh-est and Healthiest package that you can have would have to be from FreshFunds! Fresh Express Gourmet Café Salads would be so delightful for me. I love as in L-O-V-E gourmet food!!! And this would have to be the best one for me. Just visit their site to start bidding on their prizes... Just like The Sproutwells, I L-O-V-E packages from FreshFunds!

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

Project Runway S05E08 -- Doing it for a Legend

Honestly speaking...I got bored with this episode. Sure thing Diane Von Furstenberg is such a huge fashion designer and a living legend but...I dunno, I just got bored. Anyway, this week's challenge was to do a look in line with Diane's new collection and it will be produced and sold exclusively to American Express card holders. Must be a big deal for the designers for some of 'em were overwhelmed by the challenge and even got teary (Kenley). They got all those precious fabrics from Diane's own store room and they were like grabbin like crazy. With all the work done and walked the runway by their models, here comes the judging.

Let's start with the better works. We got Korto's, Kenley's and Leanne's. I really liked what Korto did with the fabrics...interesting prints and a bright yellow splash. Kenley's was way to simple for me though the judges, especially Diane, responded to it quite positively. Then came Leanne...Oh gosh!!! Did I mentioned already that I adore this girl?! Her's was a classic and very relax take on the challenge and it worked. Second win in a row and she really do deserve it.

Then we got the not so pretty ones. Suede's, Joe's and Stella's. The one Suede did was just a blah to me and a yuck too. Enough said. Joe's problem was the execution and the not so well made hole at the back. When he almost got eliminated, it was Stella's time to go home. More than the "poor execution" of her garment, I think it's also because of the sense of style and taste that just doesn't quite related to Diane's aesthetics. I would love her to be the fan's fave! One of my fave cast this season so I hope she win that at least...