Thursday, August 28, 2008

Project Runway S05E07 -- The Hunk Who Cried

This week's challenge was slightly similar from the first one but with a totally unexpected source of materials. CAR PARTS! I thought that they would go and destroy those cars by Saturn and I was like...are they spending that much just for a challenge? Well, there's no way that's gonna happen and the materials were inside the car..whew!

It was pretty exciting to see the out comse especially because none of 'em ever experienced doing something like that. I remember Leanne said that she has no idea or whatsoever on what to do with all those junk. Turned out that the designers surprised themselves on how those stuff would look like made in to clothes. Korto and Jerell did an amazing job that was well responded by the judges but Leanne for me was such a revelation. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Super well made and impressive silhouette. Even Miss Rachelle Zoe was blown away by it. BTW, this girl reminds me of Marie Genevieve of PRCanada...
Marie Genevieve

Keith was one of my early bets to win this season (for a non-skill related reason to be honest...hehe) and everytime he lands on the edge of being eliminated I'm pissed. Now I'm pissed not because he got eliminated, but because of his attitude all through out the challenge. Being at the bottom two last week made him so depressed and grumpy, and masungit na rin with his competitors. Didn't do him any good at all. But I was extremely touched when he started to cry after saying goodbyes with the other designers. It's not everyday you see a big fella crying on TV right? I believe that he has this huge passion for fashion but perhaps this competition just ain't the right venue for him...

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