Wednesday, August 27, 2008

embracing the queer that I am...

Queer As Folk...I dare say the best TV series I've ever seen and perhaps closest to my heart. American series like Sex In the City, Dawson's Creek, Gossip Girl, and others alike may come and go. Great as they maybe but still, my number one would only be Queer as Folk...

Queer meaning going the odd way from the usual or normal stuff... Different, yet normal and practically still the usual. Your normal "straight" folks in your neiborhood and in the society, is just like the queers and vice versa.

An eye opener, an activist, fun, hardcore, lovable, provocative, and most definitely, non-apologetic. That's how I define this show. More than just entertaining and touching, it triggered some very serious social issues involving homophobic hate crimes and health related issues. It's sensitive enough to touch every single thing about these gender related issues. From the stereotypes to the misconceptions; from the prejudiced to the well reserved; from the LOVE non-believer to the long term relationships; from holding back to coming OUT... There's just so much similarities, it's just that we only see the differences.

I just can't express enough how much I adore Queer as Folk. I watched all 5 seasons and I've learned so much from it. Trust me, this one was made not only for the queens and fags as you call 'em. First and foremost, as I've said, it's an eye opener for all to see.

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