Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pinoy's true TALENT...in Bulagaan

I really miss this portion in Eat Bulaga... "Bulagaan" ...Simple things here could lead to the most hilarious moments ever on television. Needless to say, the rival noon time show just sucks so hard. Here's my favorite scenario in the said segment featuring Chuchay (Gladys Guevarra) and Mitoy (don't know his name). I miss chuchay on the show...

effortless talent... that's how I call it...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

my kind of DREAM destinations...

I couldn't imagine ever that there would be anyone wouldn't want to have vacation in the Mediterranean Europe. I mean COME ON! Speaking perfect, this is my ULTIMATE get away.

If I'll ever have the chance to travel around the world, the Mediterranean would be on top of my list. What a life could that be. Checking in in those fabulous hotels like in Malta Hotels, or Cyprus Hotels, or Crete Hotels.

Enjoy the culture, food, and the incredible site; WOW! A part of that culture is it's history, and these places certainly have the richest history accounts there is. The climate couldn't be any better than any where else. Unwind and releave yourself from stress. What ever your heart desires, I'm sure you'll find it there. See you guys! Ciao!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Park West's finest...

Speaking of art, if I didn't take Architecture as my course I could have Fine Arts instead. Everyday has been and will always be an opportunity to see the world's finest art there is. When I heard of this auction by Park West Art Gallery, I was like "I'm so going to be there!". Park West Art Gallery is known to be the home of the largest collection of fine art in the world. Now they are conducting an auction through out the United States and Canada. Their affiliate, Park West at Sea made it possible for the auction to reach different parts of the world through their cruise ship. Fabulous event isn't it. Don't miss it guys. For sure I won't.

high school pride...

I wasn't that of an active student back in high school (ask me what about now) but I managed to have a job as one of the "artists" in our school organ "the Advocate". I did some simple illustrations for the miscellany section. Well I submitted some articles too that made my parents proud of me some how. Here are some of what I did. Just like to share 'em with you. Looking back would always be nice. May the Advocate people of today and the next to come continue this stuff. Kudos to my fellow Sumolongnians!
October 2003 issue

Christmas Issue 2003

Could have done the cover though... HAHA! Nah! They won't let me. So I was like ok, give the "others" a chance since I'm so good and my works would be too much for this puny little school organ (JUST Kiddin ya'll...bit bitter that's all).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Natalia Oreiro in Top Model???

Natalia Oreiro

Brooke Staricha from TopModel

I find this picture of Natalia Oreiro pretty much like the photoshoot TopModel had back in Cycle 6...Oh my gosh! I'm totally in love with her! Seriously! Natalia, you're my ideal girl (that's if I'm straight...hehe). Hope to hear bout her again!