Monday, December 28, 2009

it's been a while -- I LOVE Queer As Folk!!!

These are clips from the Larry King Show featuring the Queer As Folk cast back in 2002.

QAF has always been quite a big part of who I am right now ever since I watched it. A lot of people out there may not agree with it's content but probably its just the tip of the ice berg they are seeing. I dare say that it is a very intelligent drama series, depicting a life style in its truest sense. The title itself explains what it is all about. Us queers are just like the other "folks" you see around in the community we live in. It's just that we chose to be "different" because we got the guts to somehow flaunt it in our own ways.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Mixed emotions for me -- happy, bored, puked, excited, amazed, bored again, sad, then finally happy again...

HAPPY -- Yey! ANTM13 Finale day! Even though I knew early on who will win this Cycle, I'm very glad that at least the final two deserves the spot... Yada yada yada... Yeah, I was happy...

BORED -- Oh hey look at the two of 'em. I gotta say not much of drama this last episode. Laura and Nicole spitting criticism towards each other cannot even be considered "drama" because obviously they can get along pretty well. If Erin was there, now that's drama...

-- CoverGirl Commercial --


Am not crazy about either the CG commercial or CG photo shoot. Nope... Given the fact that Laura is the CG material among the two, I didn't quite understand what she said [very charming though]. She doesn't even look like her! Nicole on the other hand gave a stunning photo but a not so so commercial [as expected].

PUKED -- Ugh! I can't even type her name... Ok fine... I almost puked seeing Ann Shocket for the NTH time this season. What am I gonna do if she'll pop up my door and hug me like that...ewwww!!! For the record, the only Seventeen Magazine cover from ANTM that I really like is Caridee's [I have my own copy of that...haha]... Good job Shocket! at least you're consistent on making me feel sick... The only good thing that happened in the shoot was that they got Gilles Bensimon to photograph the girls [did he puked too? such a mystery no?]

EXCITED -- Finally the final runway. Bringing back the last 4 eliminated girls was definitely a first. Though I barely recognize 'em on the runway itself [geez the amputee girl and the daughter of Eddie Murphy are more recognizable than they are]. I love the theme of the "stump to the death" and less the craziness from Miss Jay and Tyra during the whole fashion show. Good thing they sushed...

AMAZED -- Oh wow, Laura was such a revelation on that runway! She felt it all throughout the show. Nicole did a pretty good job herself despite the awkward signature walk that she did. Best part of the show was the wind part... in screen caps it looked like they're on fire...


BORED again -- Oh WOW! That was the most boring and exhausting final judging in the history of ANTM. They critiqued almost every single photo [well minus the one on the horse, go figure] and a little to less on the fashion show... They talked bout it for like...seconds?

SAD -- because there can only be one ANTM, one has to go. Unfortunately for her, it was Laura. I have always adored her for being such a genuine person despite being in a "reality" show. I felt for her when she started to cry after hearing Nicole's name called out as the winner... Poor thing.

HAPPY again -- at least it ended well! Nicole won the title from the very beginning. Not the "first petite ANTM" though. Eva the diva deserves that recognition. I love the winner's photo shoot with mother hen Tyra. That was stunning! Way better than Teyona's photo in a pink diaper..UGH! Kudos to Miss Tyra for looking so gorgeous on that photo. Fierce!


Friday, November 13, 2009

ANTM13 Season Finale Sneak Peek

Everyone should be excited...I myself never thought that I would be excited for this cycle... But THIS made it all different:

Be Stunned

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ANTM CYCLE 14 spoilers

You can say that the next cycle of ANTM would be back to "normal" with the regular height tall bitches will have the chance to compete for the title. Yes, indeed it can be called normal if you won't consider these as something better:

There's a possibility that Seventeen magazine would be replaced by Vogue or Teen Vogue [a big YEY!!!] which means buh bye to my beloved Ann *barf* Shocket [sorry honey, your nose always makes me wanna go away from the screen]. Vogue editor at large Andre Leon Talley
will also be a judge replacing Miss Jay Alexander which you will still see in his original duty as the runway diva coach extraordinaire...

Cycle 1 judge Kimora Lee Simmons will be back as "permanent" judge for Cycle 14 which means there's gonna be a lot of fierceness and FABULOUS-ity for the show. Ohhh I love her show Life in the Fab Lane.

Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks

Just saying... haha! SPOILERS!!! Spoilers really can make you excited...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

ANTM C13 E5 -- the "I Don't Like Fo's Photo Project" a.k.a. Beauty Shot Week

This week is this season's infamous Beauty Shot week. Tyra made it more "special" by shooting it herself [talk about budget shortage]. Anyway, I entitled this post the "I don't Like FO's Picture Project" because definitely feel that Allison has been robbed like lots and lots of times last season. Who the hell cares about your eyes, FO? And I still really don't get the styling on you on that photo shoot...

Just like what I said on my Twitter earlier, this was a major upgrade on last cycle's beauty shot week [I was smiling the whole time except when Erin was bitching her way around]. I can't help but compare pictures from last season's and this one. And so I made this show down.

CYCLE 12 versus CYCLE 13

... cycle 12 ...

... cycle 13 ...






[I'll post the official photos in my album folder.]

It's color splash versus silent intensity... The short ones were made for these sortta photos. Not for FO though... You friggin irks me... Teyona's or Allison's were far better than yours. Even freaking Tahlia is better than you [did I say that out loud?]


Thursday, September 24, 2009

ANTM C13 E4-- Midgets or Giants?

Well, well, well... Waddayanaw?The kids finally grew up! From a serious let down last week, I dare say that ANTM C13 came back with vengeance. To be honest I was a little worried for these girls when I watched the preview for this week. Imagine walking with the "normal" height models which are 5'10 up, with you having a height of 5'7 below. Trust me, I know the feeling... And so this has been the challenge of the week [runway...duh?!] and somehow they pulled it off.

Now these are what I am happy about...
[screencaps only... I'll post the official pictures in my album]

NicoleJeniferErinKara [best foto]

Not bad for a come back eh?! I knew Kara could do some wonders... I can't wait for more of her improvements...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Batang BATIBOT Ako!

Shame on those who didn't get to watch this 100% Pinoy children's show for you don't know what you just missed out. Batibot, the Pinoy version of Sesame Street, is definitely one of the most awarded children's TV show back in the days, both locally and internationally. My mom even got the chance to work as a script writer of the show [way the go mom!] and mingled with the cast members, crew and staff. My brother also recalls being in the studio having fun with the puppets especially Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing.

But despite those numerous awards and priceless lessons that it provides then kids ages 12 and below, the show ended June 30, 2002 due to its decline in TV ratings. The said decline is also due to the growing popularity of other cartoon channels like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

To those who were lucky enough to have shared some part of their youth with Batibot [which literally means small but strong and robust], the experience and the timeless stories and lessons will always be cherished and treasured. If only our modern day kiddie shows would be this brilliant and not just a mere copy or simply a second grade show relying on their computer generated effects. The spirit of the show was simply incomparable with those of today...


Saturday, September 19, 2009


I simply think that its would be just a waste of time posting this week's photos from ANTM Cycle 13. Really, I'd rather watch a horse racing than that tacky photo shoot. And so I thought of hunting some past ANTM alums and what they are up to...

I already posted some of London's Playboy pictures that made our eyes go WHOA!?! so I won't put that again...

McKey [C11]
Not recognizable but hey, it's her. Wow...she really is a model.

Lisa [C9]
Showcasing Leanne Marshall's latest collection, she just looks so stunning!!!

Dani [-elle][C6]
Not her best shots but at least she books lots of jobs.

Jenascia [C2]
The original ANTpetitieM...looks decent somehow... I thought that her last photo on the show was quite nice and I love her harnessed photo [one of the best photo shoot theme and location in the show's history].

Kim [C5]
One of the best faces that graced the show...

Aminat [C12]
Now you STUNNED body in ANTM history...seriously...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preacher got naked?!?!?

NOT FOR KIDS people! Includes some nudity.

I thought that London from Cycle 12 was classy, beautiful and hardcore Christian... Uh...then what's this?

Apparently, this one's from Playboy. Way the go gurl!!! You got some gorgeous TaTas. Eric Nicholson will be proud...right Bethany? HAHA!

I like this one though...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

HenryEvilX is a Miracle

As we all know, Cycle 13 of ANTM premiered just this week [err...I dunno if it is intentional that they put the 'little ones' at the 13th] and I couldn't think of anyone to comment on this better than THE authority, the one and only, HenryEvilx...

As an Asian dude myself, I have to agree, you're such a miracle...

And Tyra's just...special. LOL!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Le Cycle 13 -- talk bout Shorties...

ANTpM Cycle 13 -- or should I say Cycle 1...

At first I was sort of unsure if I would want to post something about the Season Premiere of ANTM. I mean, come on. It almost sounded like a joke. So here it is anyway...

Hey, hey, hey, whattayanaw! Back in L.A. huh?! 14 [or make that 15] were chosen out of 30 semi-finalist girls to compete for the title. These were the girls that caught my attention...

Gretchen Baretto -- first thing in my head when I saw this girl. Come on now, look at this picture:

Great photo; not fan of the body...

The before make-over picture of her reminds me of Elyse from Cycle 1. Now watching her on the photo shoot and on her after make-over photo, her face resembles the 'white' version of Eva from Cycle 3.

Being the only Asian girl on the casting probably gave her the edge over the other girls. Nice photo on her shoot!

Something about this girl's face that I'm kindda digging... Want her to stay for some time and see what happens...

She's the weirdo girl for me though it doesn't show on her appearance like that of Lauren [C10] or Allison [C12]. Definitely someone to watch out for...

Cool huh?!

Now the not so so girls...

The crazy preacher girl Amber, didn't make it into the house for some unknown reason. Entertainment wise, she's got to be in. And so she was replaced by Lisa and got me bored...damn bored. Funny thing was that she went home first for delivering this horrible photo:

Well...not as horrible as Sundai's:
with her "droopy diapers" on...

Bianca, who landed at the bottom two with Lisa, is simply the second coming of Nnenna only less stronger and head on, a bitch... Nnenna was way over there [both as a model and a bitch].

By the way, here's the best photo of the week by Rae:

and here's her before and after picture on the make-over:
which was a blah...

Here's another good one from Erin:

This week's judge is Chanel Iman. Mind you, there will be no permanent replacement for Paulina Porizkova, yet. So every week, there will be guest judges as usual but no regular 4th judge legendary supermodel [as it is not the "regular" cycle].

Another BTW, what the hell was going on with Tyra's look on the judging panel? And from the casting til the first elimination, their set was the worst [next to Cycle 1 of course]... UGH!!!

Short with the budget huh, Tyra?