Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E04

Drama, drama, and more drama. Is that too much telenovelas we're watching? Nope, just PRPhil. I was just a bit sleepy already by the time the show started and by the time I realized that it's on, Veejay and Eli were already in the middle of a word war. Basically it was about each other's work "copied" or whatever. Only thing that I remember was the line by Eli that goes something like "You look like a worker here" or something and Veejay was like "You're just insecure of me".

And so PRPhil did something a bit different from the usual model selection. In a "pool party". I'll be expecting for more of these as the show progress and the more they do it, the more I'll love 'em. Tatak Pinoy ata yun ah?! Challenge was to make a beachwear that could go from day to night. By the way, I still am having some difficulties connecting that makulit but charming face of Eli with his awesome, muy caliente physique (hey Eli if you'll ever get across with this post...hehe...the compliments are from me!).

Then there goes the drama again, though less intense. For a second I thought I was watching a highschool guidance counceling session when Jojie talked to Eli and Veejay about the previous challenge issue. O sya, sya tama na yan. The runway show finally arrived and all I can see was Apple's face making the least reactions as if she's wearing a hard mask all the way through the show. Everytime the camera catches a glimpse of her, there's just one look. I guess Ivan broke that 'barrier' and finally made her smile. Theresa's looking better and better for me.

After all the discussions and deliberations. Decision made and Aries named the winner of the challenge (YUCK!) and Miss Charette Regalla of Pasig City was eliminated... Celebrate now and do your yuppiedoodles while you can. I'm pretty sure you won't get the ulitmate prize anyway... Bwahahaha!

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