Monday, June 30, 2008

A Tribute to my famous celebrity "friends"...

Yeah, yeah right! We're not close as in close or what so ever. Baket? Masama bang mangarap? But What's real here is that sometime, somewhere over the net we've encountered each other... Now I pay tribute to these people that somehow, in some weird way, they knew I existed on the other side of the world...

Nigel Barker

I once had this blog site on Wordpress and wrote an article there about Mr. Nigel Barker. In my surprise he replied on it. People I've proven that it's no bogus person who commented on it, I assure you it's genuine (check it out here: "It sucks not to see Mr. Barker"). Thanks once again to Mr. Nigel Barker for the comment. It means a lot to me and I'll be forever be greatful for that. If ever I'll have the chance to meet you please, please sir give me an autograph! Hehehe!

Brian Gorell

I love this guy because he's super nice sa YM. Such a funny person too. To Brian, once again, good luck on your fight. You're way better than Pacquiao, trust me. GucciGang has almost fallen down, thanks to this guy! Kudos Brian!

Yam Laranas

with Jesse Bradford...
Just came in... Just like Mr. Barker, one of my posts got into his attention which was the trailer of his movie "The Echo". Getting more and more excited to know that soon enough, it would be hitting our favorite cinemas. Watch it, it's damn cool!

Finally... trailer of The Echo

It seems like it has a deeper story behind it than the original one. Definitely pumped up with the techniques that made Yam Laranas a rising new director in the Hollywood scene. Enjoy the trailer...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Holy S***, I made it to Mo's Show!

I just can't believe I made it. I've been planning to call the show so many, many times before and its just now that I actually pulled it up. First time to call, extra ultra shy in public speaking, gosh! I almost died... Hahaha! I hate it, I stumbled!

Anyway, I called up because of the whole Manny Pacquiao topic. I just said that I just don't like him winning and stuff that I wrote here yesterday. F*** I can't even type normally now. EHEM... (Sharpay & Ryan before show rituals)...

About the call, it was like: dial, busy; redial, busy; redial, busy; redial, shoot! I got through... I was thinking like, I'm screwed, what am I gonna say, why did I call at all and stuff like that. For a first timer, man was that a nerve rackin thing to do even if you're not physically infront of the listeners literally. Bear with me guys, I'm not a public speaker type of guy. I admit, I suck at this. Back to the call experience. When I got through, (I think Mo answered it personally or someone else other than the three) and the guy sounded like he's bored as hell (without me starting to say anything ha!). The dude said, so what's your topic, better make it energetic or else I won't put you on air, stuff like that so I was like whoa better make it good on air, blood started rushin to my head, etc. And then, the show went on air again after a break and SHOOT I'm seconds from being on the show. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! All in all, I think it was not that bad yet it's not my definition of good at all. WAAAHHH! Sana may nakarinig man lang sa inyo kahit isa! Hehehe! Good times...

Pac-YAW ko na... the not so BIG headed Pacman...

When I thought that Pacman (the old game you folks once played) was perfectly round, the idea was instantly demolished when I heared of Pacquiao getting into showbiz. Earlier this afternoon, he once again stole a boxing title, this time from David Diaz (WBC lightweight champion) making him another notch higher from his original standing. I'm pretty sure that as soon as he set foot again here in the Philippines, he'll have this very cheezy, plastic, and perhaps expected courtesy call to the president together with the pain in the eyes politicians namely Atienza and Singson. BIG, big pain in the eyes and the reasons why could go on like forever and ever. Once you see the flowery polo and tinted shades on TV, you'll know who they are and you can imagine me goin away from the TV screen right at that second. Anyway, back to Pacquiao. All that I can say good about him is that he's a great provider for his family, and hell of a great boxer (DUH?!) and that's about it. I mean, when ever I hear his name first thing in my mind is that he's a boxer with a huge, huge head and have a funny accent. Humongo head I tell ya, not literally though. Obviously enjoying his fame and luxurious life after winning fight, after fight, after fight, after fight. OMG, if I only got a magic needle that could pop his balloon just like that. I bet with all that fame and money that he makes, bit by bit it's gonna get over him. Just by looking at those hideious looking politicians acting almost like his bodyguards. Oh like a phychic dude I can tell that there would be a motorcade for him which includes those two on his side or perhaps in front of him.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that I'm so, so over this scenario. I even wished that he'll lose just this once just to see on what people's gonna say. Ikaw? Bet mo ba sya this fight? Not that I'm not proud of having a Pinoy making it that far. It's just that his attitude and the bigger 'picture' of his whole winning streak super STINKS as bad as our local government is. I think I've said enough, you'll be the judge. Oh, by the way, congrats to the winner. Yey you. "Para sa'yo, ang laban na 'to!" Sucks man...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Look what I found... round the corners of UST

You know what, everyone can really use some extra time to wonder around your school. Sometimes, what you saw yesterday can be changed tomorrow or maybe you haven't seen stuff before because you never tought of looking for it anyway.
I think it was last, last week when Ms. Juicy Joyce (I wonder why she came up with this name on friendster) and I went to the Main Bldg. originally to buy some stuff in the Museum souvineer shop. Unfortunately, they're on a break so we decided to go for a lunch in the canteen upstairs. I've never been there before so I was all for it. I got this pix for 'souvineer'...

Sad thing the statues won't turn our way for a 'kodakan' so I just got their backs...

Next stop Central Library, Filipiniana section. I believe it was a Wednesday when again Joyce and I had such a long vacant time for the net class. This time we went to the Library to browse on stuff. It was quite crowded on the Humanities section so for a change we went to the Filipiniana. Super quiet! We had not much choice on stuff to read on than these old editions of magazines like Liwayway, MOD, Focus, etc. Look what I found...

These were just some of what I found there. Try hanging out with Joyce and before you know it, you two are in some place you've never been. Just get yourself ready for an 'umaatikabong' chizmiz and 'kwentuhan' and you'll be fine. Hehehe!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I WISH I... but not gonna get it any soon...

Kaw anu kulang mo? I mean, what are your top 3 things you are so frustrated because you don't have it now? Can be a material thing, something physical about you, or something you are dying to be but unfortunately you're not as for now...

EHEM... My personal top 3 must haves...

TOP 3. Luxurious LIFE. Got bored watching telenovelas and boom into watching life of the rich and famous. I was like, OMG, how come I don't have that. I'm pretty sure most of us if not all, in one way or another dreamt,dreaming, dreams to be on the top of the food chain of our society. Maybe try it for a day or two or perhaps forever can do... But first, I want a very satisfying, high paying, very rewading career. Good thing, I know for sure that one day, I'll get there, hanging out with the Zobels and Sys, the Aranetas, Tyra Banks, Tyson Beckford, etc... YEAH pare that's the way to go. AIM HIGH!

TOP 2. To look like a Billion Dollar guy. My idea of an ideal look for moi goes something like this: probably a very lean but mascular body, broader shoulders, clearer skin (DUH?!), and most importantly, designer clothes (hehehe). I'm not genetically gifted when it comes to height so if there would be any miracle stuff that I could do to gain that extra inches, I'll probably try it.

TOP 1. Time and Money to TRAVEL a LOT! Basically, I'm stuck in my room most of the time. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Poor me. When I say I want to travel a lot, I'm talking INTERnationally! Do photography on the side, OMG, that's the life. Experience different culture, learn new things, and have a sense of freedom for once in your life. Have tons and tons of pictures of me giving my winning smile in most of 'em (hehe), UGH I can smell it now. Don't worry world, I'll be there in centuries so wait for me... CIAO!

Kaw? What's your top 3? Share mo naman!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breaking the stereotypes...

Hmmm... in which group do you think people would put you into? Nerd group? Ultra vampire group (sip2x)? The unlikely EMO group? The trying hard to be discreet CLOSET gay guy group? The list could go on for centuries and you might find yourself in a group or so. Rumors of whether your like this or not could go on as long as well but only you can answer what's the truth.

UGH! I hate stereotypes! To be stereotypical for me is like BLAH! No originality or what so ever, do whatever to fit in. As in YUCK it disgusts me! "Uso kasi eh! or Ganyan kase dapat! or Di ba lahat ng ganun ganyan?" You need to be like this, like that and sometimes, no matter how hard we try we just don't fit. Sometimes, you feel like people just don't understand that you are a genus of your own and nothing like the others.

Let's take the EMO wannabes. Almost everyday when I commute from my house to school then vice versa, I see these group of teenagers dressed in skinny jeans in ultra tight shirt with the gasgas EMO hair style; they have these coffin shape bags complete with the cross on it, checkered sneakers; all in all a very ragged attire. All these 'costumey' clothes they put on plus black eyeliner just don't translate because some of them doesn't even know the MUSIC where the whole thing basically came from. I'm not bashing on this group of people but it's just my opinion based on observation.

Another is the way OUT of the closet group (if you know what I mean). What's up with the students that even if they're in their uniforms and all, they still look like in drag. People would probably put them in the future "parlorista" group, most especially to the extreme homophobes. When you're playing it tough and macho, nah, you'll never be labled 'malangsa' or 'binabae'. Macho eh, pare, dude, bro, yeah whatever. When you play it tough and macho, and you're not, then you'll hide in your CLOSET. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Poor thing!

As what I've said, the list of stereotypes could go on and on and on and on...I cannot tackle them all here but I'm sure you have an idea or two bout those stuff. All I'm trying to say is that, get your own life! Be who you are and not any body else. I believe that who you are is not what others expect you to be or what others want you to be. It is true that the people whom you are with reflects who you are but not necessarily completely who you are right? Be your own and be original. Piracy is never a good thing.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just a glimpse of THE Tour...

His hats, his clear book, his theatrics, and his incredbly spotless feet; no other than Mr. Carlos Celdran... The trip to San Agustin Church and Casa Manila in Intramuros that I just can't get over with feels like it happened just this afternoon.
For you guys who haven't experienced the flash back to the past with this guy, watch him do what he does best.

Right from the discovery of the Philippines, the rise and fall of Manila, to what an A-hole McArthur was, name it, Celdran knows it better than what the history books say. I was just so amazed on how he does it effortlessly. Well, doing perhaps tons of times before, no wonder he mastered and perfected each and every performance he did and will do in the future. Salute to you Mr. Celdran!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'll miss my superMODELs...

It's been a while since the show ended and I totally miss the contestants of Make Me a Super Model. Just an opinion, I think this show is proven to be way better than ANTM. Don't get me wrong, I still love ANTM. It's just that the male contestants sort of made the training ground more exciting. Plus it lessen the "girly" stuff that took its toll on me watching 10 cycles of ANTM.
MMaSM is proven to be a hard competitor for ANTM to beat and here are some of my fave contestants of the show:

Casey: One of Perry's "boys" (other one is Frankie). Such a good, good friend to Perry and I believe one of the best looking guys in the house. Super funny guy and have are really big phobia on snakes. By the way, steamy hot bed photoshoot with Perry with the lickin action going on. HEHE!

Perry: Cocky, funny and unexpectedly controversial. Funny as hell like Casey. He had taken exceptionally stunning fotos. I think he's more of a performer than a model. He could really make the girls pissed off sometimes. The rumors between his girlfriend and Britney's paparazzo boyfriend banged just like that and hit the media causing him to be emotionally exhausted during the last few episodes of the show.

Shannon: Surprisingly competitive and beautiful. Tallest among all the contestants I guess. She could turn a bitchy bitch when necessary. Being the second to the last girl on the game, she made really good friends with Holly.

Holly: A model from that start. She's just the clear winner of the show. Winning challenges after challenges made her a big threat to the other contestants. Fabulous!

"BRONNIE": (Ben and Ronnie) Ben being the straight guy and Ronnie the gay one being in the same room in the house probably caught the viewing audience's (inlcuding MOI) interest. America must have loved the 'couple' so much because of their staying power in the show. Hands down, two of the show's best male models. The finale episode was pretty funny having their loved ones see them. Ben's wife showed up and Ronnie's mom too. In the cutest way the only thing Ronnie can say to Ben's wife is "Awkward!" then laughed. I salute Ben in his attitude towards Ronnie because he respects him and even considered him a true friend.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bring in the Spark to your BLOG...

Just for this once, spreading the fire is good. Not literally though. It can possibly make you some serious money too, no kidding! Nope, I didn't go nuts yet nor am I out of my mind. I'm talking about SocialSpark.
Want to earn some extra money? Do you have a blog to share with? If your answer is yes, then SocialSpark is the way to go. By the way, I think that SocialSpark is way better and more fun to deal with than the others. Making the "chachings" here is definitely made fun and easy.

From it's name itself : SocialSpark, it really does make your blog spark and bring the traffic you want for your blog site. You can make friends here with the other bloggers. Yey or nay, you can give the other bloggers some love by giving the props that they deserve. These are the things that I love about SocialSpark: They are very easy to deal with because it is 100% Auditable in Post closure; They are really, really transparent with the transactions, which made me trust them even more; You can give your most genuine opinions in your posts; and most importantly to me, it is 100% search engine friendly site.
There are some really, really interesting opportunities you can accept here like these:

Perhaps it won't be hard to anyone to look for some proper opportunities to take for their blog because there's a lot to chose from a variety of categories.
I already got two props to start with and I can't wait to have more! I hope you'll join us and give us some love! Hehehe! More than the money to earn here, I think frindship is such a treasure to keep. So go on now and socialize through your blog with SocialSpark, for sure you will have fun yourself. Hope to see you there! Ciao!
By the way, check out their logo. I find it soooooooo cute! Hehe!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hoy, Hoy, Buloy...try it with the "slang"

White guy, OPM song... Cool! Kindda funny and yet it's very, very nice and flattering for us Pinoy guys. Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bleeding Love...acoustic rendition

I've been seeing videos from this guys. Excellent renditions of some of the new hit songs of today. I got to say, they're getting horrible when it comes to looks. Sucks! But no matter, they're damn good singers. They are brothers by the way, just in case you didn't notice. Caution: the audio is not that audible. I suggest headphones for this one.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

dare to be Nationalistic? Bare it...

Joey Mead...Proud Pinay, ready to get butt naked to give the message across. Oh boy is she fine... What's your take with this magazine cover:

I was listining on Mo Twister's radio show and they talked about this very provocative picture. Mo said that yeah he knows that it's wrong to have a nude model wearing the painted Philippine flag but it's just that it didn't offended him as much as others may react. Mojo said that it was dead wrong and so with Miguel. As for me, I think I'll go with Mo's take on it. I consider myself a very patriotic person up to a certain extent but in my opinion, the image just translate the undertitle written there: "The naked truth about who we are and where we're going". I know it's a men's mag but I just do think that it's artistically done. But on the other side, perhaps it would be less of a harm if they put the picture inside and put a less provocative one. Sex really do sells and this one's a very good example of it...Kaw? Ano tingin mo?

finally... a come back, AGAIN

It had been more or less a week since my last post just because of some terrible connection. Anyways, I'm here so no more complaints. Last week, classes started once again and it was quite fine. We didn't do anything serious studying yet. Professors are not of complete attendance as expected. My schedule kindda sucks because of the big vacant time that I have to fill in. Some people might be thinking like why am I unhappy with this kind of schedule when I can do all I want in between classes. Trust me, if you run out of things to do on those vacant periods you'll be bored like hell and perhaps may proceed on not going to your next class at all (which I promise that I won't do ever again, this time it's for real). People in my supposed batch are constantly talking about their thesis. Maybe I'm just getting a bit paranoid about this stuff because I got left behind. Now, my mind set is that, Jio, suck it up and just deal with the consequence of your actions. Unlike last school year, I'm pretty much fit on going back to school (as in emotionally, mentally and physically fit)... I'm having this feeling that this will definitely be a good year for me...
Last, last week, I'm bored as hell and the only thing I can turn up to is my laptop. Not an active person here so go bored easily. I have my Adobe Photoshop installed in my PC for like a month or so and I just didn't now what to do with it. I was totally idiotic with the commands and stuff so I checked out some tutorials there. One thing led to another and boom, I learned the basics. I want your opinion, is this bad for a firstimer?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Give it a TRY...

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can your EGO handle this?

What's the most gruesome and cruel movie you've ever seen? Mine, I believe is one of the world's most disturbing film ever existed. I'm not talking about a horror film, nor a war decumentary. In this film you can literally see a devil in a human form.
Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (Salo or 120 Days in Sodom). It was a 1975 Italian movie directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. This was a film adaptation from the book written by Marquis de Sade. The movie depicts the 18th century France to the last days of Mussolini's regime in the Republic of Salò. In my opinion, in this movie you will see the higest form of human degradation. Rape, torture, mutilation: though the film was claimed to be highly symbolic and metaphorical, it could have been the real deal. It does include nudity and sexual acts but if you're thinking of pornography, it's clearly not. In fact, it's the exact opposite for in this film instead of pleasure, sex was shown in the form of excrutiating pain.
The film was then very, very controversial that up to now, it's banned in a lot of countries around the globe. It had been Pasolini's last movie for he was killed before the film was released.

it's almost here ~the ECHO~

Fingers crossed, I'm hoping for the succes of the movie "The Echo" starring Jesse Bradford of Flags of Our Fathers. It is a remake of "Sigaw", one of the most horrifying movies I've seen that showcases the true pure talent of Mr. Yam Laranas. Good thing that the "the ECHO" movie is also under the same director which makes it more exciting for me because finally, we'll see one of our kababayans making us proud again.
I've been reading some articles over the net (specially Yam Laranas' blog) about the said movie and I can see that it is not your cheesey kind of horror flick. Highly technical but not in the sense that they used tons of special effects. Just can't wait! For more info and insites about the ECHO, click here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

the MRAZ is BACK...

My new addiction, Jason Mraz songs! Oh gosh, even though I can't sing them without getting my tounge twisted a bit at first. One of my new fave song of his is "I'm Yours". I'm so freakin in LOVE with this song!!! I saw this video of the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz just now on MYX and my initial instinct is to grab it from YouTube. Enjoy! I know Angie would...hehe!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Korean Invasion: Far from OVER...

For some reasons, Korea and the Philippines 'clicked' just like that. First, it is more than evident that the Korean population here in the Pinas is rising. Probably one of the main reasons is that we (Filipinos) are known to be proficient in English and wanted to learn from us. In fact, according to our school paper "The Varsitarian" of UST that the growth of the population of Korean students in UST is very noticeable. Not because UST is that internationally popular but it's just because of the trend.

The facination over Koreanovelas here in the Philippines, in my opinion is far from over. More and more of its kind keep on coming on our local TV screens. And now, ever since the hit adaptation of the Mexican telenovela Marimar, a new trend will be born pretty soon. Once again, the rivalry of the two waring TV networks will come into another heat wave when the local adaptation of My Sassy Girl (I think) of ABS-CBN and Kim Sam Soon of GMA 7 hits the primetime. I just wish that each would give justice to their Korean counterparts... I wonder if they'll do any good. Now I'm excited! Oh, by the way, I just want to say that two versions is enough for this kind of soaps, three is a bit too much. Read between the lines then you'll understand what I mean. Trust me, it could be a bit too "ugly"...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Awkward or Not, You're the Man Archie...

Talkin bout Mr. David Archuleta...
I'm just a big, big FAN of this guy so whether this is awkward or not, I still love it like hell... With you of Chris Brown by David Archuleta...

Talkin Queer?

Heatherette is simply one of my fave designers out there. Outrageous, fun, quirky. I believe a lot of people around the world love this guys. Oh by the way, I have to say that this one's not for the homophobes...
Richie Rich and Traver Rains...
Honestly, Richie Rich's name intrigued me when I heared of his name. Eventually I figured out why his name is such. Just look at him closely if you still don't get me.
I first saw this guys in ANTM cycle 3 where they had the girls dressed in their fashion show. If I'm not mistaken the title of the runway show was Panic of the Circus. They just love the over the top designs and that's what Heatherette made of. These guys really had fun guesting in fashion reality shows like ANTM, Make Me A Supermodel, and Project Runway. Each guesting were very remarkable to me. In Make Me a Supermodel, again they dressed the contestants with their signiture looks. The Jay guy reminded me of the bald dude in the 300 movie. Then in Project Runway, they served as guest judges for the lady wrestlers' costume challenge. That was hilarious though Michael Kors is the one who really enjoyed himself watching the girls...
Heatherette, I salute you guys. Just keep the party goin guys! Ciao!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time Pieces of Glamour -- Ulysse Nardin

Made for perfection through time, that's what Ulysse Nardin have to offer. My first impression when I saw their website: effortlessly elegant. I've never seen such time pieces as special as these.
Each and every piece were made in the highest quality as the tradition goes from 1846 up to the present. Each one were carefully and intricately designed made for your own satisfaction and liking. Too many to choose from so better make up your mind what's best for you before having one, or two, or a whole lot of them. In my opinion, the prices are very reasonable. If you want the finest, for sure it is ok to spend some extra. As for me, I'll definitely get my own in the future. One of my favorites here is the Maxi Skeleton from the Ulysse Nardin Specialties collection. I also love the Ulysse Nardin Complication collection because of the uniqueness of each watches.
So to all of you out there who're planning to buy one, whether for yourself or as a gift to special someone, Ulysse Nardin is the place to find one. Fashionistas, this one's for you... I'm pretty sure, you're itching to have your own now. Me too! Hehehe! Anyone want to give me one? JUST kidding! Check 'em out and see for yourself one of the worlds finest.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Miss Fabulousity...(hope i spelled it right)

Kimora Lee Simmons

Heared the word fierce for like thousands of time from Tyra Banks and Christian Siriano. Time for a new "f" word. Fabulousity!
I've been watching Kimora Lee Simmons' show in ETC 2nd ave (Kimora Life in the Fab Lane) and got hooked to it. Fabulousity is her word and so are her assistants so I'll just call her Miss Fabulousity. Now I see why she's friends with Tyra a.k.a. Miss Fierce. They may be friends but guess if I'll have to pick one over the other, I'll go with Simmons. Sorry Tyra, I love you so much but I have to say Kimora is just the kind of beauty that I adore. It is really wierd to have a cross between Japanese and African American but just look how gorgeous Kimora turned out. As what she said in her show, she's a mogul, a label, and ultra fabulous super model. I bet her daughters would be big in their own time. Everything luxurious and fab, name it, she got it. I think that's just how the term fabulousity works and her life is the epitome of it.