Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Sproutwells -- Your ideal "Veggie" family

Meet the sproutwells! Not your ordinary fleshy neighbor that's for sure. Though I never thought it is possible to crossbreed a banana with a green leafy veggie...

So anyways, I wonder what could have been my life if I were a veggie. I probably would have been a Pimiento! They are large, heart shaped just like my head, and a variety of a chili pepper. I love the pretty veggies just like this one. And I just found out that it got its name from the word Pimento or pimentão, Portuguese words for both bell pepper and black peppercorns that's why it sounds familiar back here in the Philippines.

Why not share this video with your friends and let them meet the sproutwells. I'm sure they could use a little veggie and fruits to their lives. Oh and please, leave cousin Monty alone?!
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