Monday, February 11, 2008

my Music now a Nation...

Heard about This one deserves to be heard and be discovered! It is basically a site where the idols and their fans can share their music and videos!

Got a band? Well here's one hell of a perfect way to promote your band, get noticed, and possibly make it big!

To ya'll screaming fans out there, gives you the chance to show your undying support and appreciation to your favorite bands and artists. Share your favorite videos of your idols and recommend 'em to your friends and fellow fans. You can make 'em even bigger stars and get signed up with EPIC RECORDS! also have lot's of competitions like guitar solo showdowns where Slash is the judge and the winner gets a Les Paul. Cool right?!

my Romantic get away...

Looking for family vacation ideas? No need to go too far, you're just a click away to your dream romantic destination. Trusted Tours & Attractions have the perfect packages for you this romantic season.

My favorite place in the U.S. : New York! That's why when I think of a perfect place for my "romantic get away" with my special someone, nothing comes close to the big apple. Speaking of a romance, why not feel the gentle breeze while you're on a cruise ship with your love one. Or why not have a helicopter tour all over New York, that will be FANTASTIC! He/she won't leave you ever for sure! When you guys are in tour, for sure you would not want to leave without having some pictures taken as souvenir! Trusted Tours & Attractions also offer Photo Tours so that each moment would be captured and be kept forever. Sign up now and have a chance to win a new digital camera!

There's a whole lot more things to enjoy doing this season so why waste time?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

can't work it better than SUTAN...

This gorgeous make-up artist can work it better than these b*tches. I'm talkin bout ANTM's very own Sutan a.k.a. Rajah a.k.a. Ty Ty baby... Love this dude!

Friday, February 1, 2008

check this one out!!!

Ei people check out my new MULTIPLY account Just some personal pics of MOI... It's fun trust me!