Thursday, August 7, 2008

Project Runway S05E04

The most anticipated sporting event of the year, the Beijing Olympics 2008, finally starts today. Everytime I watch the Olympics or the SEA Games on tv, I always see to it that I won't miss the opening walk of the athletes of different participating countries...

This week's challenge is to make some sort of a uniform for the US athletes on their welcome walk. Some of the designers got a bit confused and didn't quite grasp the idea. As much as the judges liked what that bearded guy did, I just don't like him. HAH! Good thing he didn't win. Korto's is nice but I don't see so much of USA on what she did but hey, she won. I could have picked Terri's as a winner. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. This week should have been a double elimination round. Just not acceptable for me. But lucky him! I guess Wesley should be proud of him. Hmmm... more and more I'm getting a bit irritated with that Kenley girl. I'm guessing that would worsen by next week. LOVE, love Stella's. I totally get what she's going for and her creation is very her. "There's a lot of bikers in this country who watch the Olympics." -- Stella

The Fashion Assassin didn't make it this week. Her work just don't translate as something that would represent their country. Buh-bye Ms. Surrealism.

KORTO... winner