Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year BlackOut

That was a first... I don't know if that was a part of the whole "Hey, there are fireworks outside, get your ass out and watch!" thing that the only lights to be seen were from the firecrackers, literally. It was about a minute or so after the clock stroked 12, the power went off in our place. What a joy... Apparently, some Meralco post blew up or something. No lights, no electric fans or aircons, no TV, no computer. Since it's raining, all the smoke outside won't go up. Anyway, on the lighter side, the food were overflowing and we couldn't ask for more.

Despite all the craziness this morning, I'd like to greet ya'll a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Decipher this...

Say what? It is written in English but it's like reading from an Egyptian hieroglyph or something... You be the judge...
From Simply the best.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Not Too Late for Christmas...

Huli man...Huli pa rin... hehe! But I guess it's never too late for these greetings...Oh come on... This sign deserves a smile...

Yep...too "Close"
This one's for the B*tches!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

uyy...may facebook ka?

Add me naman!

I almost didn't get it at first why people like FaceBook. If it's not for the mouse...hehe! I enjoy my Mouse Hunt there! hehe! Add nyo ako ha!!! Ciao!

Monday, December 15, 2008

McKey on the Tyra Show

Yep... Tonight! holla! She'll demonstrate her signiture pose a and moves...Right now on your TV!!!

QAF character -- Pick or Choose?

A contact brought up a topic about him becoming a Brian Kinney this days. And coincidentally I was watching these few last episodes from the series [made me cry, made me laugh, made me go angry, and made me said "awww"]. So that's the reason why I'm doing this survey to you guys out there... Which QAF character would you rather be?

Is it A : Brian Kinney, the guy that you either hate or love. Nearly f*cked every single, available, gay bachelor of Liberty Avenue but fell in love after all. He's such a "frenemy" to the people who knew him. Brian may say "Got problem? Screw you! I don't give a sh*t!", but he'll work in his secret ways to help you out [awww...just like Santa].Or B: Justin, the determined younger lover of Brian. His positive and naive self was changed when he met Brian but that doesn't mean the name "Sunshine" won't fit him right. Got bashed on the head by a homophobe but got up and got stronger.

Maybe C : Michael, the best of the best friend you can ever have. A comic book fanatic and a great lover. He's nice and all but don't dare get over the line because he can be your worst enemy too. He have had some feelings for his long time best friend Brian but they're just not meant to be together.Perhaps D : Emmett, the loud and openly out gay boy of the group. Dated the rich and famous and became an internet and TV personality himself. Call him whatever you want but he'll always remain himself. His motto : f*ck em all!
Or, E: Ted Schmidt, the awkward accountant who always finds himself in some crazy serious situations. Had a secret crush on his friend Michael. He also had Brian as the person responsible for his life support when he got overdosed.Or maybe F: Ben, loving partner/husband of Michael. He's a professor and Michael's a comic book store owner; put them together: perfect couple. Though Ben's HIV positive, it's never a reason for him not to be loved. He nearly killed someone who said Michael and all gays should die. Now that's love.

Maybe Lindsay and Melanie : Lesbian couple whom stayed committed to each other for years. Lindsay had a kid with Brian as the father and Melanie had a daughter with Michael. Almost got divorced but love prevailed.
There you go folks, pick or choose... Who would you be?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nenna for McDonald's

Burger CBO @ McDonald's
by Hotcris
I didn't like her on ANTM coz she was a bitch to Brooke [cycle 6 y'all]. But this commercial made her very likable...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Congrats JC -- First Pinoy Sole Survivor

There you have it. The heartthrob of the court won the title of being the first Pinoy Sole Survivor of Survivor Philippines. He proved that he's more than just face and athlete. Hmmm... I dunno but maybe [just maybe] he'll be another new comer in the biz via GMA7. Seriously, with all the noise he created on the FINALE episode, he can make lots of money aside from his 3 million cash prize PLUS the car that he won in a challenge. For sure, ratings wise, taob ang kabila. The decision was not at all surprising because JC has been the crowd favorite for quite some time in the camp. Again, congratulations JC, San Sebastian is obviously proud of you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Para sa mga Malalamig ang Christmas -- Love of Siam

A contact of mine posted the whole movie here in Multiply. More than anything, it's the curiosity that made me want to watch this. It was a really nice plot with the sense of innocence. Sort of gay perhaps, but never the less very touching. No wonder both heteros and homos could appreciate this movie. A must see!

Love can be very poetic some times. Love may comes from different places, different times, different people. May end up good or bad, but you love, and that's what matters most. The ending sucked though [personal opinion]. It was like what Nole Marin said to Ann, it's almost orgasmic there but did not quite make it. Oh please, why not made them end up together. The kids deserve to have some fun! He he! But no, seriously, it was a very touching movie to watch because if it's not, I probably am not typing this at 01:14 am.


Kudos for the August band. I like Ying. Donut was such a dumb bitch you just don't get it at all. Tong, how dare you break Mew's heart but're cute. Mew, that's OK, you'll be fine, a lead singer of a band like you can hit on anyone just like that. June/Tang, keep on your story telling, you'll have a future on that. To Tong's mom, why not be happy for the kid, darn it. Tong's dad, you're a classic example of a hard headed selfish prick. To Mew's grandma, you rock!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have Fun with Kerchoonz!

I found this site which is really fun when you're looking for Music from your fave bands, Videos and even really fun flash games! It's like Friendster, Imeem, YouTube rolled into one plus many more extras! You can make friends with other members through photo sharing, music streaming and downloading, etc. Artists and the labels are ensured to be paid through their advertising revenue. Plus, both the artists and fans can make their own money here by referring other bands and artists to their site! Now that's cool. As they say, there ain't going to be losers here, just winners!

My favorite features of the site are the free stuff and the fun games! Lot's of funny and interesting videos from the members. And if you're a music lover like myself, then Kerchoonz is a perfect site for you to go to. Take note that Kerchoonz is free to the listeners and to the downloaders as well for the goal of make Kerchoonz grow as an alternative to the even bigger group of pirates for free music. Ain't that a good move and turn it into a big revolution against piracy?

I swear you can enjoy the fun and help fight piracy too! If you sign up in Kerchoonz, you'll have the greatest internet time you'll ever have... Cool huh?!

To sign up just go to

Project Runway Pinas -- Back on Air!!!

Apparently, Project Runway Philippines season 1 is being aired again on ETC. Nice to see all of the designers once again doing all the craziness and chaotic cat fights. At first I was in great doubt of the success of the show. But as we all know, it turned up to be a very fun, interesting, and fab thing to watch. I love season 1 cast except maybe for the winner but later on the show I was like, what the heck, the guy is very talented. So to Aries, good job!

Bring back glued tragedy of Mara, bulging muscles of Eli, "Lord have mercy" line of Lord, annoying singing from Aries the Diva, Philip's candid moments, Ava's shades, etc. Woohoo! Need not say more! Let's just enjoy ourselves. BTW, nice get up Lorymer!

Sex and the City -- works just like a pill

Addiction is the word. It's been out of TV for quite a while now and a movie came along and made a big hit. After Queer as Folk, Skins, movies and other marathons, SATC is my new addiction now. To be honest I haven't really saw all the episodes on TV and I have no intention or whatsoever to rent or buy DVDs. Download to death; why buy if you can have it for free [well, not really...for the expense of towering electric bills]. So anyway, I feel like a Carrie Bradshaw whenever I type in a post for my blog. I don't have a newspaper to publish my articles but I only have the whole world to read 'em, thank you very much.

I saw these couple of episodes from the series about Carrie's second break up with Mr. Big and it took her a lot just to try to forget all about him. Then there was this 5'10" woman who came along Big's life. Got engaged and then got married. No, I didn't have an ex who got engaged, more so, who got married. But I kind of saw myself in her in a twisted kind of way. I got this ex whom I've been with on and off for like...3 or 4 years. First serious relationship, that's what it was. Since it was a long distance relationship and we only saw each other for less than 7 or 6 days a month, it was somewhat a not meant to happen kind of thing. I was crazy to even agree with such set up as I look at it right now. To make the long story short, I finally gave it up and moved on. Then, for I don't know how long it was, I got this news that my ex got a new bf. It was insanse painful then that I said to myself, my trash, not your treasure. I flirted my way back [which is wrong, I'm telling ya] out of jealousy and a bitter self. Right then and there, I finally knew how it felt to be a No. 2. It sounds too freaky to me right now and it felt like goose bumps all over.

My ex who became a non-ex [now permanently an ex] told me about the other one and the problems on going with their "relationship", it smelled more like fire in a gas station, the devil in me took over and made the fire grow even bigger. I don't exaclty know when did it start to hit me that what I was doing was wrong and pure evil but it hit me anyway [thank you Lord!] and finally gave up my now permanently ex for good.

Just like Tyra once said, everyone's messed up sometimes. And maybe it is true that one's trash is another's treasure. We may not ended up like the happy ever after Carrie and Big had in a court wedding. But I got one happy future waiting for me with someone whom I trust and always makes me laugh. Going two and going strong... HAH!

Hey, what about a comment?! Love to hear any...

6th ain't bad but 3rd is BETTER...

Apparently, the 6th spot for E!'s Sexiest Men in the World is no more for Mr. Dantes. Nope, not eradicated from the list but went 3 notches up taking that 3rd place probably next to Beckham and Depp of UK and US respectively. Geez! Look where fame can bring you this days. One big time hit TV show after another; a cover on COSMO with no hint of clothing on; a sexy undies fashion show; anewly [and relatively] built chiselled body, BAM you make it to the Sexiest list. What a joy for Dingdong a.k.a Sergio/Fredo Dantes. Nice Christmas present BTW for him. Hope to see it soon on TV!

Friday, December 5, 2008

E! True Hollywood Story -- Tyra Banks

I finally saw the man behind the name of Ken Mok! OMG! But still not sure if he's Chinese or Japanese? Oh, BTW, the episode was about Tyra. Haha! Past relationships, modeling success, ANTM, and all the craziness. Nice to see Janice Dickinson again on TV! Again, this one's supposed to be about Tyra... And oh, Roy Campbell too and Mr. Jay... Oopsss! Tyra...this is about Tyra.
They talked about the issue with Tiffany of Cycle 4. Miraculously, she got over it. They also slightly touched the issue bout the transition from the Janice era to the Twiggy age. Things I've learned from this episode: Tyra's a perfectionist, 100% real including her breasts, a "bit" crazy, and does have a big forehead. Despite all the negatives that are being thrown to her, you got to give it to her that she's a hardworking person who served as a fairy god mother to lots and lots of people, myself included. Why? Because...with out her, ANTM won't be in existence, and without ANTM, TV history will forever be boring [no...seriously]. So, cheers to that! Ciao!
Wooohhh chow... make that 100% a 90%...hehe! Everyone say FIERCE!!! Go Tyra!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

E! 25 Sexiest Men of the World -- Revealed

I just recently learned [as in about 3 minutes earlier] that they already released the names and ranking of these fine men. Excuse my ignorance about it to those who already heard of the news. If it surprised you at all, perhaps you're living in another distant planet, that David Beckham ranked 1 on the list. What's surprising though is that our very own, Dingdong Dantes, bagged the 6th place. Not only is it quite a high position [or at least high for my expectations], he also ranked as the top sexiest Asian man on the list. Cool huh?! Now that's something to be proud of.
Here's the list of the E!'s Sexiest Men of the world:

1. David Beckham (UK - soccer player)
2. Johnny Depp (USA - actor)
3. David Zepeda (Mexico - actor, model)
4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Ireland - actor)
5. Djimon Hounsou (Benin - actor)
6. Dingdong Dantes (Philippines - actor, model)
7. John Abraham (India - actor)
8. Freddie Ljungberg (Sweden - soccer player)
9. Maciej ZakoŇõcielny (Poland - actor)
10. Ryan Reynolds (Canada - actor)
11. Dan Carter (New Zealand - rugby player)
12. Michael Lewis (Israel - model)
13. Raoul Bova (Italy - actor)
14. Michel Gurfi (Argentina - actor)
15. Edison Chen (Hong Kong - actor)
16. Keith Urban (Australia - singer)
17. Gilles Marini (France - actor)
18. Kostas Martakis (Greece - singer)
19. Til Schweiger (Germany - actor, director)
20. Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japan - actor)
21. Danny K (South Africa - singer)
22. Olivier Martinez (France - actor)
23. Mark Vanderloo (Netherlands - model)
24. Reynaldo Gianecchini (Brazil - actor)
25. Enrique Iglesias (Spain - singer)

Season Premiere -- Project Runway 5 on ETC Tonight!

Why not watch it all over again shall we?! To those who haven't watched it yet, here's your chance! I wonder why they haven't shown any ANTM lately... Anyway, it'll be fun to watch it all over again. It may not be as exciting as the 1st, 2nd, and 4th but hey, I adore the winner...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas shopping : Elyse Sewell style

I saw these pics from Elyse Sewell's LiveJournal and thought maybe share these to you guys... I love how candid her personality is and that makes her more lovable [than those who spit rainbows and overly happy people].These are for the fans like me. Just click on 'em to zoom in.