Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sneak Peek ANTM13

Tyra and her craziness... I wonder where it came from and where is it going to...
I didn't know that the height difference could be this obvious til I saw the hopefuls. Uhmm...Meow? Oh darn, another Platinum Blonde victim! Yikes! But the dark haired one before her could be killing it...
Spoiler much huh?

Finding Hilarity

In a way, they're discreetly hilarious... May take you aback and might be a little in your face, but as you dissect into it, trajectory of laughter comes out...

These pictures came from whom I consider, one of the most interesting person that I've ever met, Mr. Carlos Celdran [Manila Tour Guide Extraordinaire]. Such an artist through and through. Humor can be his middle name.

Carlos and Bogart [the dog] Celdran

Probably not his artwork but this is in his photo album in FaceBook... Like...Woah!

Now this I believe is his work. A typical poster for his tours... It really is "good for your health".

And forgive me if I find this one hilarious for a sec. Who ever made that caption sure did expressed his feelings...discreetly.

Bogart Celdran [I wish he add me on his FaceBook...yep, he has one]

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book 'EM... 5'7 and bellow

Here's the official poster/ad for the Cycle 13 of ANTM. Gotta say that I like Tyra there but uhmmm... just look at it.
Short models in flats...geez...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Project Runway All Star ROCKS!!!

Before this season's premiere of Project Runway, an All Star cast was gathered 'round yet for another round of the experience [only for a challenge though]. Consisting of 8 ex-PR hopefuls, mostly runner-ups, Santino Rice [PR02], Daniel Vosovic [PR02], Mychael Knight [PR03], Uli Herzner [PR03], Jeffrey Sebelia [PR03 winner], Sweet P Vaughn [PR04], Chris March [PR04], and Korto Momolu [PR05] were back and up for the challenge and the chance to win 100K dollars...

The challenge was insane but nevertheless, they all made it work. Three looks each plus a look with Project Runway trademark... The winning red carpet look will be worn [hopefully] by no other than Nicole Kidman herself. The amount of work was just crazy, not to mention the twists and turns they threw here and there. Clash of personalities will always be there. Sweet P. and Uli had this rivalry over the fabrics and models; Santino was his usual self as the loudest one; Chris March had Zs flying all over as he took his time napping a little too long; and lots more. It's actually amazing how they squeezed it in some 1 and a half hours all this madness.

In the end, only one can be clearly proclaimed victorious. Daniel Vosovic won it all by showcasing his fully evolved style in his collection.
Daniel V. with bf [I think]

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Have You Seen Shivaker on TV?

Now this is hilarious! Shivaker and TonyTony from Boys Night Out of Magic 89.9 guested on Eat Bulaga. They played the game Pinoy Henyo which I absolutely love... So anyway, this is a video from that segment. They did get into the jackpot round [by shear luck...and lots of laugh] but this one doesn't have it... Nevertheless, this was the funnier part though...

Friday, August 21, 2009

When I Was On "The Tyra Banks Show"... by HenryEvilx

New HenryEvilx YouTube video is out just minutes ago...hehe... I should say this is a little too graphic but hey, it's one of my fave dude in the world...

Again...choke on it!

This was just Divine...

Here's another modeling job of Elyse Sewell which landed on the cover of Prive Asia... I think I posted this picture before but in a smaller scale... It really is divine...
Choke on it...

Yo Bi-Racial Buttuh-flah

I find this music video neat... And our resident bi-racial butterfly is in it... Go Jade!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just the Stretch....

ME gosh! It has been more than a month since my last post so let me just get my stretching going on...

WOW! July was quite a month as many things happened both in local and in the international scene... As much as I wanted to give it a summary and stuff, it'll be just too late in blogging world so I won't get into it...except maybe for one great event, which was the passing away of our former President Corazon Aquino.

Summarized in a phrase, the whole ordeal can be put into simply "Cory magic". Needless to say, this was another chapter of our country's history. Hate to dish in the dirt but I just can't hold it back... Every chismis tabloid, talk shows, showbiz websites probably had this guy's name both because of his "generous" acts [suspicious is more appropriate] and his 'glitches'...

Who else but Mr. Revillame. What's the latest about him, let's see... Oh, right, he's on an indefinite leave. Apparently, at the height of national mourning, Mr. Revillame doesn't want to be disturbed on his job which involves making his followers 'happy' and a dancing chick. We all know what he said [as I've said, it's all over the news], and just sounds very selfish. It's all about him in the end, and to quote what he said "nagpapakatotoo lang ako". What irritated me the most was when his audience were all cheering up for him as if he's the hero all along. I don't know bout you guys but if I were one of those people, I would have walked out. It was nothing but disrespectful and disgraceful.

I just wonder why of all the controversies thrown his way and on his show, they still go on as if nothing happened at all. The Ultra Stampede went and passed and for years, was anything done? Their game segment with the infamous 'glitch' scene went and passed, guess what, their show still goes on. His wife left him...gee I wonder why... And now these. UGH! It's Willie's "magic" all along. And what, after a few weeks he'll be back? Or perhaps a teary eyed Willie giving a statement tomorrow or the other day? Puh-leeze!

Imagine...a show named after one particular host...guess what, he not there, AGAIN... Where is he? Maybe cruising in his yacht...whatever... ABS should do him good. According to a very reliable source [the net..hehe] he said "Kung may pagkakasala ako at kailangan niyo akong ipakulong, e di magpapakulong ako". I'm not surprised. It appears to me that he's not even a single bit afraid of getting into jail. Why fear the bars, if you have the money to avoid 'em. Seriously, if he doesn't have that power, we could have seen him behind the bars way long before. Really, I pity his ex-wife.

Now, it's only a matter of time on what actions will be done to him by ABS and by authorities. I believe a lot of Filipinos around the world, whom are greatly affected if not more than the Aquino family, on what Mr. Revillame had said. Overwhelming rush of petitions were made by these people in the hope to see him reprimanded on his act. Fingers crossed!

Laban for Cory and Looser for...hmmm...nevermind.