Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dita Von Teese...hired by Belo for $200K?

I was watching this news show on Studio23 before the Good Times which was on 11 pm (Yes loyal, pachiz burger ka naman...este ako pala...hekhek!). I was surfing the net while the news anchor said something about Belo and Von Teese so I instantly got myself to face the TV. I like the miss fab Dita. She's friends with Sutan (that Asian make-up artist in ANTM). At first, I thought what I heared was something like Viki Belo would do a Dita Von Teese dance video or what. Apparently and definitely I'm wrong bout that. It was said in the news that Dita performed at the 18th Anniversary celebration of Belo's company. The issue was that Belo paid the Burlesque Queen Extraordinaire some eye popping amount of money which she denied.
Geez...Lucky guys who were there enjoyed he flawlessness...

Damn gorgeous on the outside, crazy ass lady in the inside. I mean, who's in her right mind to marry someone that looks like Marilyn Manson unless maybe because of the bling and the caching-ching. That's why I love her.

By the way, I don't think that TJ Manotoc is that good of a reporter, much more of a 'news anchor'. Just ain't good... Better as a Sport commentator or something.

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