Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Ain't an Olympic Follower PART II

That's why I only heared about the Chinese girl who lip synced the Olympics theme song on the news (not on CNN though). What kind of mentality do these organizers or whoever people involved with it have? Obviously it's a cute girl versus ugly girl world now and that ain't pretty at all. I mean, looking at both of their pictures, the original one was not ugly at all. Maybe not as cute as the fake one but hey!

This is not freakin "Butuing Walang Ningning" movie, this is something real yet fake (I can picture this kids on my head about 10 years in the future saying someting like "You're nothing but a second grade, trying hard, lip sync-ing spot light stealer! HARHARHAR!) They call it flawless? There you go morons! Flawless no more! I mean how dare they not to put the actual girl who sang the whole thing despite of her appearance. Maybe if they did it the other way around, perhaps there would be a way lot more that could have been inspired. The hell do they care about the girl's crooked teeth? Mind your own PUSTISOW! Shame on you!

By the way, nice fireworks. I didn't know hallucinations can get this realistic. Good job on being fake, I mean really, you're the best.

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