Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Me a Supermodel S02E04 -- now you're talking

I've been watching both ANTM and MMaS and obviously I'm more into ANTM [despite the ridiculous editing]. On the other hand, MMaS, after three not so good episodes finally it wowed me for the first time this season.

First of all, one of the major change in the format of the show is that they don't have online voting anymore. This season's opening credits is way better than the previous one... By far, the guys are not as entertaining as season one's but boy do they make strong working super male models.

Episode 04 was last week and as usual, they started with the photo shoot.This one I think is the best theme so far... Push your emotion through the mirror... [Just a recap: EP01 -- sleep wear while in a glass box suspended in the air; EP02 -- human candies (hmmm...sounds familiar); EP03 -- flying jocks]... These were my last week's top three photos.

Branden -- the leading male contenderJonathan -- somewhat David Beckham-ish looks... supermodel materialAmanda -- best picture of the week that's why Jordan [which is a female] hates her

The winners for that week's photo shoot had the chance to actually walk for certain designers on the last Montreal Fashion Week which was the biggest goo-see prize they gave (every photo shoot, they name who did the best and as the prize, they give them the chance to do real go-sees and do real job). Branden was chosen the best from the guys and chose Collin to be with him and Amanda was chosen from the girls ans chose Mountaha to be with.

Then after all the fashion week ordeal, finally they had the runway challenge (which they always do every week) and this week's theme of the runway is FASHION FREAKS which I think is very, very cool... Jonathan had the immunity [just like in project runway] for doing such a great job on the catwalk. So there you go... My first review on this season of Make Me a Supermodel

Monday, March 30, 2009

new Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Trailer

Stoked...I'm so stoked...Coming this July! I'm freaking out!!!

wow...Philippines actually topped Earth Hour 2009?

I haven't been watching TV lately and only reads some tasteless tabloids in the morning so I didn't knew this soon enough to blog it here. This is an article from INQUIRER.net:

Philippines tops Earth Hour 2009
By Erika Tapalla

MANILA, Philippines--For 60 minutes Saturday night (March 28) , a recorded all-time high of 650 cities switched off its lights for Earth Hour, placing the Philippines as the top participant in the event, an official of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said.

"More than 15 million Filipinos in 650 major towns and cities from distant islands participated,” according to WWF communications officer Gregg Yan told INQUIRER.net.

Yan said the Philippines also placed first in town and city participation out of the 88 countries among 25 different time zones.

"Ang mga Pilipino talaga di mag papatalo [Filipinos are really very competitive]," Yan joked, "We honestly did not think we'd place first. Natalo pa natin ang [We even defeated] Australia."

Australia is among the proprietor of Earth Hour, launched on March 31, 2007.

This year, Australia placed third with a total of 309 towns and cities.

Greece placed second with 484 participating towns and cities.

It is the second time the country has participated in the Earth Hour event and Yan attributed the success of this year to social networking.

"Last year when we did Earth Hour during your video interview, we were still preparing. We only had two weeks to prepare whereas this year we had three months to prepare. We relied heavily on social networking--for us it was all about spreading the idea via text messages, blog posts, Flickr, Twitter, Multiply, Facebook, Friendster and sending announcements in e-groups. Of course the power of spoken word too and it kind of spread like wildfire," Yan said.

According to initial reports, Yan said that the Philippines alone saved 611 Megawatt-hours, "which is equivalent to shutting down a dozen coal-fired power plants for 60 minutes; and those reports don't include other islands in the Visayas."

Electric grid figures report that 386 Megawatt-hours were saved in Luzon, 150 Megawatt-hours in Mindanao and 75 Megawatt-hours in Visayas.

"Earth Hour really wasn't a hard idea to sell because you don't have to shell out money for it, we got the word across and people participated in this global call to unite, call on world leaders for action right now," Yan said.

Yan said that WWF hopes that the country’s participation in Earth Hour last week would not end.

"Earth Hour did not end last Saturday night at 9:30 pm. What we hope to have done for the Philippines together with our partners Department of Energy (DoE), Green Army Network and Switch Movement, we hope to have ushered in a new dawn for the Philippines which people realize that being eco-conscious is not only tantamount to securing our resources but it is also tantamount to saving a lot of money," Yan added.

Yan also cited that the Philippines' participation shows the peoples’ unity for the world to take action in Copenhagen.

"This is a vote made by the Philippines for the earth because we showed our unity for the world to take action in Copenhagen in 2009 where they will draft a post-Kyoto policy where they will set new targets for developed and developing nations to reduce carbon emission," said Yan.

Earth Hour will continue to be an annual event held every last Saturday of March.

"Earth Hour will continue until we secure decisions that need to be secured -- decisions by world leaders at Copenhagen that progressive attitudes must be taken to ensure that least carbon impact and least environmental impact will be acted on. If you think about it, this problem is bigger than the war on politics because this is an all-encompassing threat," Yan said.

Yan said the goal for global WWF was to secure one billion people in over 1,000 cities.

"As of right now, we secured 3,943, which is nearly four times more than what we envisioned globally," he said.

Go Team Philippines! As if we're always in the race...

-- yeoj araullo --

the "NEW and IMPROVED" Isis King

Now that the "pa-ding-dong" was cut and replaced with a "MEOW" down there, she's more confident on doing this photoshoot... Thanks to science and to Tyra... Wait, is that a good thing though?

Why the hell go blonde gurl? Sucks so hard!

Isabel Preysler -- is that you?

If you'll ever see this please forgive me if you think I did your portrait bad... This is just an attempt to once again refuel my rusty hands on drawing... Just bored that's all and I grabbed a magazine with Isabel Preysler on the cover then BOOM! There you go!

A bit edited on my photoshop because this was done in pencil. I scanned it and it turned out that it's too light [I mean DUH?! was I thinking then?]. I abso-EFFIN-lutely hate the mouth part but everything else is pretty much forgivable [I think]... So... watchatink?

OH please don't be too harsh! No bad words please!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Isis is getting MARRIED?!?!?!

After his/her successful operation, Top Model's Isis King is living a new life now as a woman. And now that he's a she now, her boyfriend proposed to her on the Tyra Show [where she was given the chance --by Tyra-- to fulfill her dream which is to become a woman]. I don't want to be mean but she looked like a blond Elizabeth Ramsey on this clip, but nevertheless I'm happy for her...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

America's Next Top Model S12E05 -- where's my cheesecake?

This episode is an interesting one... Hmmm... Let's see now...
Miss F-A-B-O, fabulous Toccara dropped by to throw in a slumber party with the girls. It's like she's one of the girls again so that was nice.

Then the day after, they had some posing lessons with Benny Ninja and former model turned DJ Sky Nellor. She reminds me of Isabel Preysler [Enrique Iglesias' mom] but on the funkier side... The challenge was to put into pose a certain music. Practically, more than half sucked on it.

Just like any other challenges, they had an output test which turned out to be a model pose off. I thought Allison looked pretty cute on that stage. Tahlia is her usual low energy self, though I like the blond hair on her for some weird reason. Natalie and Celia stood out but ulitmately, Celia outshined the others and won the challenge.

I really, really like this week's photoshoot. The theme was the old Ellis Island imigrants. I don't know how they came up with it but it was a nice concept. I've had enough dose of the "benny ninja cough syrup" for today. Guess what, he's there on the photo too...

The whole "I don't wanna be here anymore" drama with Tahlia went a little too long from the house, to the photoshoot, til the panel... UGH! Exhausting! She ended up with the best photo and was like, oh yeah, thanks! Celia had this surprising "may I speak up" scene about Tahlia after the eliminated girl was revealed [which was Kortnie]. I hate to admit but yeah, just like Tyra said, it is unfair that she's the one speaking up for Tahlia and not Tahlia herself. DRAMA... I can hear Janice saying that...

So these are my top three for the week.
So far Teyona and Allison [despite her bottom two picture last week] are the ones that sort of consistent to be on top or almost there...

Allison -- is she one of the kids?

Teyona -- probably the most believable story wise...

Tahlia -- despite the drama, drama, drama at least she put that into good use this week...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sam and McKey doing insanely High Fashion

Super High FASHION!!! Like, insane! If only these photos were properly scanned... Anyway, you'll appreciate 'em for sure... These are from Dutch Avantgarde that of course came form TopModel community in LJ... Super thankful!

I hate to admit it but...they're both winners here!

guess who's signed with ELITE Chicago...

Aside from Heather Kuzmich, another ANTM-ier was signed with Elite Chicago. I never would have believed it until someone confirmed it on LJ Top Model community... Her famous line "Hi, my name is Sharaun, and I am America's Next Top Model"... Yep, say hello to miss Sharaun...

Ei, I'm not complaining... I mean, good for her.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Make Me a Supermodel -- mind boggling questions

Make Me a Supermodel season 2 has been running the same time with Top Model and pretty much, I'm not as crazy bout it as I was on it's first season. So... I guess I'll just post some pics of the previews contestants... I got some mind boggling questions for you...

Let's pretend you don't know...Is Shannon a SHE or a HE?

Do you believe that Ronnie and Ben only had bromance or was there more?

And last but not the least...who's better with the banana?
Casey? Frankie? or Ronnie?

Just asking...hehe!

I super love their season... much better than the on going one... Oh well.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

say meow to miss Heather Kuzmich!!!

Work it girl! Love her! TEST SHOTS ahead! Thanks LJ!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

America's Next Top Model S12E04 -- the Girls of Manhattan

I don't like this episode that much only because my girl Allison almost had the cut but WHEW am I glad that she didn't. It was almost like it turned 180, as in flipped in terms of performances. "Like WHAT?! Sandra had the best photo? WHAT?! Freaking creepy chan didn't deliver? WHAT?! Aminat had a rocking photo this week?!" Like...WTF?!

This week's a runway challenge. As usual, miss Jay guided the girls on their flaws and strengths on their walks. Cycle 9 girls Chantal and Bianca was there and showed the girls the "runway etiquette". They walked for Jill Stuart in her Spring collection. Boo hoo, "miss model from head to toe" Natalie won the challenge. Who cares right?

Hmmm...I kindda like this week's photoshoot, despite my bets flunk-a-doodle performances. These are my top three photos:
Aminat and Fo
-- as a pair, these girls made it happen... I love Fo's expression and body language and Aminat was serving it like a true model... This photo of Aminat reminds me of Dani in the CoverGirl eyewear campaign...
Natalie, Teyona and Tahlia
-- good for Tahlia that she finally looks genuinely happy in a photo. Believable for a tourist in Time Square scene. I also like Teyona here! Never mind the other one.

Sandra and Celia
-- the photo would not have read "nanny" if not of the baby stroller but yeah, this one's kindda sortta nice...I think. Sandra's pose, as the judges said, is the most fashiony one but does it say "nanny" hell NO! But I like the blonde hair on her...

Sad to say, no Allison on my top three but oh well, as long as she's there she'll always be my bet... In my opinion, it should have been Nijah and Kortnie in the bottom two. Nijah took the worst photo [like duh?!] and Kortnie was just not remarkable at all to me... In the end, Nijah went home... 10 girls remain, who will be eliminated next?!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

ANTM 13 Chaos!

"Some girl poured beer on mah weave!" There you go folks, that's the reason why such catastrophic event happen in NYC... Just kidding... Here's an article from LJ Top Model Community to explain all these "midgets" cat fight...

Arrests After Melee at TV Casting Call

Published: March 14, 2009

It was America’s next top melee.

An open casting call for the reality television program “America’s Next Top Model” turned into mayhem on Saturday afternoon in Midtown Manhattan. Fights broke out, three people were arrested and at least six others suffered minor injuries after they were pushed down in a crush of thousands of aspiring models waiting in line to be discovered.

The police did not say what caused the disturbance outside the audition site at the Park Central Hotel, at 210 West 55th Street, but would-be contestants for the 13th season of the popular program blamed a lack of organization, frayed nerves and a brief panic that erupted when someone screamed that a smoking overheated car was on fire and about to explode.

“Everyone got thrown everywhere,” said Annina Manttari, 23, of Hackensack, N.J. “People were getting run over.”

Two women and one man were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and inciting to riot, but the police did not say whether they were there to audition or were with a would-be contestant. They were identified as Michael Edwards, 24; Vanessa Quinones, 20; and Clem Clemmons, 40.

The Fire Department said two people were taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center with minor injures, and that four others refused medical attention.

The CW network, which broadcasts “America’s Next Top Model,” said it was “working and cooperating with local authorities.” Representatives for the supermodel Tyra Banks, the program’s host and executive producer, did not return messages Saturday night.

Women began lining up outside the Park Central on Friday night, and thousands more arrived the next morning, waiting in stiletto heels and short skirts in a line that stretched down 55th Street and up both Broadway and Seventh Avenue. Some brought their mothers or boyfriends; others carried portfolio books and business cards.

Many said they were there because, for the first time, the program would be open only to women 5-foot-7 and shorter, who had been unable to audition for previous seasons and said they often lost work to taller, more willowy models.

Contestant hopefuls said the lines were poorly coordinated, and no one knew what to do or when they would be seen. With little to eat and no way to use the bathroom without losing a spot in line, tempers flared.

“People were pushing, screaming, yelling at each other,” said Lauren Musacchio, 21, of Manhattan. “It was chaos.”

By 6 p.m. Saturday, West 55th Street was littered with the wreckage of the day: torn sleeping bags where aspiring contestants had spent the night, police barricades, shoes and clothes in the gutter. More than a hundred women still waited on the sidewalk, hoping to get into the Park Central.

But a half-hour later, the police told the women that the auditions had been canceled, that the producers were gone and that the women should go home.

Many of the women, who had traveled from as far away as California, were armed with glossy headshots and gauzy dreams of being the one face picked from a crowd of thousands, and the worst part of the day was not getting pushed or knocked over, but missing their shot at the spotlight.

“This was a huge dream of mine,” said Rebecca Albora, 21, of Saddle Brook, N.J. “I lost my dream. I lost my chance.”

Stacey Stowe contributed reporting.

ANTM 13 Chaos!

"Some girl poured beer on mah weave!" There you go folks, that's the reason why such catastrophic event happen in NYC...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

America's Next Top Model S12E03 -- blinded by the lights...

It's freaking make over episode folks! Yay or nay? Judge 'em...

Allison --I'm not sure whether I like this look on her or not pero I think pwede na.

Aminat -- reminiscent of Danielle C6

Celia -- she's 25 and she looks 25 here

Fo -- moaning and crying won't help girl... besides you look fantabulous gurl

Jessica -- better with the shorter hair but still resting on pretty

Kortnie -- more of a beauty queen material to me

London -- I wasn't sure at first but hey, she looks fab here

Natalie -- lucky bitch didn't get tortured with a terrible makeover

Nijah -- pretty, just let her do the tap dance...

Sandra -- WTH, this is just fug

Tahlia -- same makeover with Coryn C5 I believe

Teyona -- I can appreciate her beauty more

My TOP 3 for the week for the photo shoot
Allison -- she looks almost identical to Nicole Linkletter in this foto... Effin gorgeous!

London -- now I'm converted and a believer of her beauty

Teyona -- best foto for the judges, not for me though but yeah it looks good

Allison found some solid followers in the Top Model community in LJ... Geez Tyra, you don't want to disappoint 'em do ya...

Friday, March 6, 2009

OMG Heather Kuzmich (ANTM 09)

She's probably the only right thing that happened in Cycle 9. Seriously! Good thing that she's working and signed with Elite Models Chicago... Not in a million years would Scandaleisha come close to this:

Eat that Dora!

See! No profiles and less awkward. Dang she looks gorgeous in every pic...

America's Next Top Model S12E01E02 -- Make Way for the Goddesses

Oh boy was that a tough one to download... Anyway, I just watched the premiere 2-hour episode and find it...a little too safe and bland[cycle 13 is pretty much a little too unsafe for the "petite" models competition -- just in case you haven't heard yet]. The girls were dressed up as goddesses in Vegas and came in the "goddess of fierce" herself, Tyra Banks. The usual selection of the final 13 was done and nothing so special what so ever in the process except maybe Allison's "wanna have a nose bleed" moment with Tyra. Kindda stupid that Tyra gave these spoilers on her talk show showing clips from the premiere episode. Didn't helped on the excitement part...

After these lucky 13 girls were chosen, they went to Empire State Building to meet Nigel Barker and Paulina Porizkova. Yep, New York baby! Key handed over, they went to their fab New York home. I hate it when they purposely put 1 bed short in the house cause obviously it's an instant friction maker between the girls. Round 2 for miss Sandra as she once again clashed with another girl which is Celia [the first one was with Angelea in casting] for the right of a bed...

For their first challenge, the girls were sent to a fashion show for the Abaete designer, Laura Poretzky. It was less tragic than the previous cycles except for Sandra's disappointing performance on the runway walking only half way through it. Then on their photoshoot, they portrayed childhood games with the Central Park as the backdrop. Nice but not strong fashion shoot. It's more commercial than I thought it would be. My top picks for this one are:
London [ tug of war ]

Celia [Hula hoop]

Allison a.k.a. "creepychan" [double dutch]

Wow! Can't believe I'm saying this but I think Allison's my bet. Not only because she has the best photo for the week, but I think she's a natural. I dunno, I can be wrong but yeah, I like her. Not so creepy after all.

ANTM 12's first casualty is Isabella. I think that she's a super nice girl but as far as the competition goes, that's about it...
Isabella [dodge ball]

Next episode would be the makeovers. Sooner than the usual but that's the way it should be! Hopefully, no crazy stupid ones.