Thursday, August 14, 2008

Project Runway S05E05

Even if team Philippines have the medals slipping through their fingers in the Olympics at least we have a fight on Project Runway. Boy are we talented...

Surprising enough that PR Philippines and PR in America almost have the same challenge and they both worked in pairs this week. Challenge is to make an outfit for the character of Miss Brooke Shields in Lipstick Jungle. I thought Jerell and Stella's team would win this because of the very cohesive work they did but never the less I'm glad on who won. Keith Bryce. I'm not crazy about his choice of partner. Yeah she's good enough but the way she acted towards Daniel's words in the panel...geeez. I believe based on what I saw, every team have had some issues towards the partners concept because basically their way too different from each other as designers. Well maybe except for Jerell and Stella. Terri and Suede got some problem with the shirt construction; Daniel and Kelli had an issue with the skirt; Keith and Kenley had some issues with the choice of fabric; then the bitch came out of Korto when Joe almost dropped her like that in front of Tim. With all this said and done I still think that most of them did pretty well on the challenge. With Blayne and Leanne's, right from the meeting with Brooke there's got to be something that would go wrong with the design and that's just what happened. Blayne almost got eliminated because of not listening at what Brooke's concerns about hid design.
And so it was Kelli who got the boot because the judges thought, and Brooke thought, and even I thought that taste level was not there at all. I guess leopard just ain't lucky...
Jerrel and Stella
Terri and Suede
Keith and Kenley * Winner

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