Thursday, December 27, 2007

meeting the cousins...

Christmas is over (well... not really yet) and food still over flows. Last December 24, we had the usuall Noche Buena here in the Philippines in our grand ma's place. It was a very nice evening to spend with my cousins. Too bad I only got a pair of tito and tita there and both my brothers are in two different countries. Oh well, whatever (haha!)...

Then 25th came and we went to church early in the morning. Lots of people there trust me. But it was kindda weird to see this 11 or 12 year old girl wearing a red two piece santa outfit or something that I just can't help to think about what the heck did her parents thought in their heads that they let their kid wear something like that. HIDEOUS!!! I'm telling ya! Anyway I'm over that now. Then after eating lunch that day, me and my boo went to the mall to chill and watch a movie (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo... You guys should watch it! It was absolutely hilarious!).

Then came yesterday. I was actually looking forward on this day because this was the Santos clan reunion day (My lola was a Santos before getting married with my lolo). In our Noche Buena we had my lola's place full (just enough for a family or two), but this one was a whole different story. We're not just a family or two but I guess more than a dozen! The organizer family thought of having a color coding for us to easily identify the clan's subdivisions. There were a lot of greens, blues whites, some yellow then us, the orange clan (entitled to Inang Sepa's family). We were totally out numbered by the other colors because we only got five members present there. Well, we don't have that much to start with. They're just hard workers when it comes to making babies and stuff (hehehe!). All together it was like a whole baranggay packed in a house. Each family had to be photographed one by one. It only made it more obvious that we're just five there. Then we have to be photographed altogether. It was almost impossible at first because we won't fit in the camera's frame. The photographer ended up on top of a tricycle to get a better vista. Thank God it was a success. Talking about relatives and cousins, I could only name a few of 'em that I know personally. Most of 'em I haven't even seen before. We had our names written our shirts but then we really haven't got the chance to have some proper "getting to know ya" stuff because of not having a sound system there. I'm not that of a social guy so I was just like looking for some familiar faces to at least have a conversation but not trying to be obvious of being despearate. Finally came Arjay (whom by the way I still don't know his real name if "arjay" is just a nickname) one of my cousins there. He's a year older than me (I'm 20, thank you), son of tita Babeth. The stuff that I could remember bout him was that he's my only couz that I made friends with when we were kids since were almost of the same age. We talked a bit in our reunion bout school, our previous reunions, etc. It was good even though it was a bit exhausting. Too bad that the weather wasn't good yesterday but at least meeting new faces was a treat itself...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

enough this guy...

"ANTM-9-SUCKS" fans, you've got to love this!

Friday, December 14, 2007

*vomiting mode*

I'm sorry to say this but ANTM 9 is simply the worst season ever! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! So freaking diappointing! People from LiveJournal had their thousand plus rants about the finale. Not surprising AT ALL! Jenah girl, I'm sorry you didn't win but thanks for saying the "spewing rainbow" thing. That made me love you more! Oh gosh you have no idea. Cycle 10 should be million miles better to make up for this one! UGH! I can't even say the girl's name out of terrible disappointment! Let's just call her "Dora the CoverGirl". The only thing that I could say after seeing the finale is "this girl should've been disqualified in the first place" after violating some contest rule like not having a national ad campaign for any thing in the last 5 years. That was not just an "experience" back when she did that Wendy's commercial. UGH! Wait let me get my plastic bag first...*VOMIT*vomit*vomit* Ugh! Still feel awful... Oh Heather, I miss you already...

Hey dora, where's your pet monkey?! And just where is this rainbow coming from?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

just sit and RELAX!

Got stress killing you this days? Me too! Thank goodness there's just the perfect thing for us! All you have to do is to sit on it and relax.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

not excited anymore...

For the past two weeks, two of my bets in ANTM 9 just got eliminated. Two of the girls that I believe had a better portfolio than those who remains. First one was Lisa. Gorgeous girl with equally stunning pictures. Personality wise, hmmm... I thought that maybe she's so stressed and tired of all those critique. On that Covergirl shoot she's just dreadful but the photoshoot for it was excellent. Well at least she made it to China.

Next was Heather. Now this one was quite painful to watch. I really love this girl right from the start. But then again, we cannot expect that much from her in terms of social stuff. I was thinking that if she could pull it off on the go sees, I would say that she had a big chance of making it into the final 3 if not the winner. But no matter what, I'll always love her. Surprising that out of 5 girls only 2 got in time back to the agency. Guess what, those two are whom I least like among the girls. And Bianca winning the challenge? Is she good, hmmm yeah perhaps but the smile that the designers love bout her, in my opinion its ugly. UGH! She looks like a freaking clown to me. Honestly, I wished that if ever Heather would be cut off in the show, Bianca would go first. Now, I end up having no excitement what so ever on the next few episodes... So there were 4... If either Jenah or Chantal would win, it would be fine. With the other two, I'll just vomit... vomit for two different reasons... I'll just share it some other time.