Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E03

I wasn't excited when the show started tonight just because I didn't pay that much attention on last week's sneak preview of tonight's episode. So anyway, I'm feeling a bit sleepy a bit earlier but the whole mood started to change when Sarah Meier popped out of the door. I mean COME ON NOW! Gorgeous girl! I remember her VJ days on MTV. No wonder she's a fave girl VJ back then unlike that absurd, alienesque MYX VJ Sanya, calling herself a model and a "witty" girl. F*ck off!

Fusion of music and glamour -- that's Sarah. Tonight's challenge is to make something that inspires that style of her. My deepest concerns are for Winnie this week only because she's partnered (by the way, they worked on pairs with this one) with the "Tiyanak" as what Eli labeled Aries. Eli, Eli, Eli, my thoughts just go in perfect harmony with yours. I think Winnie got a bit intimidated by Aries not because of his acomplishments but Aries' DIVA attitude. Anyways, I have to applaud Veejay for his speech on how he don't want to back stab anyone just to "play the game". And so he melted down when he sensed the potential feud between him and Mara.
This week, Mara surprised me. Though given a partner, their creation was very her and very well made.

Impressive as her (Mara's) work turned out, she didn't outDESIGNED AVA who was named the winner. Sarah really loved their work so much that she gave four words -- "Can I Keep It?" From a not so well responded job last week to this amazingly done tailored garment...amazing.

So, so, so, the spoilers were proven to be wrong, Lord was out. I thought for a second, hey Aries's gonna go because of chosing Winnie as his escape goat. SO not good.
Next week's episode seems intriguing to me. I think there would be some cat fight of some sort between those guys Jojie mentioned that he have to talk to...Hmmm...Curious!

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