Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teyona Ferocia

These are some pictures of this seasons's winner of ANTM, Teyona Anderson in the Elite Board. As much as I don't like her, I'm not mad that she won neither am I happy.

See more in this link.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Nicole Trunfio -- an Insight

I was doing a random search just to get some SuperBrie cheese through my MouseHunt toolbar and I came across some articles and pictures of Nicole Trunfio [current model mentor in Make Me a Supermodel Season 2]. Just a bit surprised to know that this Aussie model is only 23 y/o and labeled a supermodel. Getting accustomed with older judges/mentor in ANTM, no wonder that it came to me as a surprise that she's just 23 and almost my age.

In her Wikipedia site, it says there that she was also from a TV series Search for a Supermodel [and won it]. Now that's a show with credibility, right Tyra? She also appeared in some major ad campaigns for D&G, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, and Guess to name a few. Mentoring the lady contestants of this season's MMaS sure makes her more of a household name. Apparently, one of the guys of MMaS has a super crush on her [Branden]... In two words, Super Hot!

ANTM 12 -- the Finale Party

This is probably late and some of ya'll have already watched this, but for the benefit of those who haven't seen this yet [like moi] this one's for you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ANTM 12 in 3 mins and 29 seconds

Impossible? Not to HenryEvil... Awww! I miss this dude!

nope...he doesn't need to talk at all...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eugene Domingo with David Cook and David Archuleta

This was from last night's episode of Cool Center of GMA7... PLUS Archie's message to his fans here in the Philippines... Check 'em out:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's learn French shall we? French for Pinoys


(learning a new language helps prevent alzheimer's)

1. TURN - le coup

2. LITER - le true

3. BEHIND - le coud

4. ALMS - le mousse

5. FIVE - le ma

6 . FLY - le pad

7. DID NOT TAKE A BATH - le bag

8. CONFUSED - le tou

9. NO LONGER A VIRGIN - les pag

10. UNFAITHFUL HUSBAND - cou ma le wah

11. CITY - ce vou

12. DRUGS - sha vou

13. GOODBYE - va vou

14. MUSICAL BAND - com vou

15. BALD - cal vou

16. CAUGHT IN THE ACT - na vou coup, na coup!!

17. FEATHERS - valahe vou

18. UNCLEAR - ma la vou

19. SINK - lah va vou

20. COCONUT - vou coup

21. OPEN WIDE - vou camou

22. CIRCUMCISE - vou ratattoule

23. ALWAYS UP - va yagriah

24. YOU'RE HOT - le voug mou

25. WASHROOM - coup vaetta

26. JAIL - coup lou ngan

27. SUPER BOOBS - la que z�us�u

28. BOGGER - c�up la ng�ut

29. WOUNDS - va c�up c�ngh

30. BIG MOUTH - chez moussa

31. NAGGER - vou nga nguerrah

32. TADPOLE - vou teiteh

33. JOSEPH ESTRADA- vou vou!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cover Girl Sabotage!!!

Despite being called first on that round, I really think that Allison got robbed!!! I didn't think so 'til these photos came out:

see the difference?

Who? Me? An Archuleta Fan?

I can't believe I'm posting this now. I really surprised myself with this compilation of interviews and TV guesting of David Archuleta here in the Philippines... Geez.. Who? Me? A fan? Of course!

On Sis:

On Eat Bulaga:

On Magic 89.9 with DJ Mo Twister:

Americas Next Top Model S12E13 -- Nope, Not Yet

I'd like to borrow HenryEvil's latest blog post title for this FINALE review on ANTM 12. For me, it says it all. Nope, I haven't had my fave contender win the title yet [after Danielle's win that is]. But I think it is quite obvious who the real winner is...

It is a bitter sweet ending for this season as Allison Harvard took the second place leaving Teyona as the winner. Who damn cares right?! At least I can breathe now and know for sure that my girl Allison would rock the industry hardcore. Which winner of ANTM's history has gone that far anyway?

Here are the CG photos of the final three:aminat,antm12
Aminat -- oddly, I immediately thought of Elizabeth Ramsey...hmmm...why...

Teyona -- what was she selling again?

allison harvard,antm12
Allison -- She can be a commercial model too! This photo slightly reminds me of Jenna of Cycle 9.

While I was watching the final two, from the runway [by far not the best one I saw but amazing never the less] to the judges' deliberations, when I thought that it would be an abvious Teyona win, my gosh, Allison really did bring her stuff on the table! I was like, wait, Allison might win this!!! And so she didn't but I'm sure she made us more than proud because just like what Paulina said, she had the further transformation between the two. And that for me is more than satisfying enough. You don't have to win gurl! Anyhow, congratulations Teyona for winning this thing and hoping that you'll make it big yourself [probably not in commercials though]. By the way, what a terrible choice of wardrobe on that final announcement... Swimsuits? Really?

Surprisingly, I don't feel all that bad despite Teyona's win. I guess it was just a long accepted thing that it didn't surprised me at all. At least I can say with all honesty that she's way better than Saleisha... UGH! And I almost forgot to mention, what a terrible wig/extension from the runway to judging... She should be named the girl who always looses her hair in public.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Echo -- New Trailer in Korea

You should watch this version of the trailer... As much as I am disappointed to see that Korea will see it first than we do, I'm so thrilled to see it!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

ANTM E! True Hollywood Story -- Dishin' it All Out Ya'll

ANTM -- as real as it could possibly get. Nice to hear from some of past contestants and winners from the show, regardless on what they say [may it be positive or negative]. The struggles on both the girls and of the production staff were unveiled. So much to see, too little time... First 5 Cycles were jammed into it plus some extra minutes to spare on the next 5 Cycles... Enjoy!

And the things that I learned from watching this:
1. That people shouldn't hate on Adrianne because she's just keeping it real on her part.
2. Elyse is still my all time favorite ANTM girl.
3. Ebony [C1] is very entertaining...
4. Naima was slightly arrogant of her win but completely understandable.
5. Lisa cracked me up with this line... "I'm trying to be myself right now...And who were you yesterday?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ANTM 12 FINALE Preview

I'm not super excited about the runway now that I see a preview of it... But anyway, hopefully it would turn out great... Looks like Teyona will be having a meltdown on the commercial shoot! HA!

ALLISON FOR THE WIN!!! Mess up Teyona! Go home Aminat!!!