Thursday, October 1, 2009

ANTM C13 E5 -- the "I Don't Like Fo's Photo Project" a.k.a. Beauty Shot Week

This week is this season's infamous Beauty Shot week. Tyra made it more "special" by shooting it herself [talk about budget shortage]. Anyway, I entitled this post the "I don't Like FO's Picture Project" because definitely feel that Allison has been robbed like lots and lots of times last season. Who the hell cares about your eyes, FO? And I still really don't get the styling on you on that photo shoot...

Just like what I said on my Twitter earlier, this was a major upgrade on last cycle's beauty shot week [I was smiling the whole time except when Erin was bitching her way around]. I can't help but compare pictures from last season's and this one. And so I made this show down.

CYCLE 12 versus CYCLE 13

... cycle 12 ...

... cycle 13 ...






[I'll post the official photos in my album folder.]

It's color splash versus silent intensity... The short ones were made for these sortta photos. Not for FO though... You friggin irks me... Teyona's or Allison's were far better than yours. Even freaking Tahlia is better than you [did I say that out loud?]