Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm gonna f*ckin snip you out of the competition if I only can! F*ck you Suede!
Ok...that was a good release...

I thought I'm going to have two in a row. Last week, Wesley was eliminated and I was hoping he'd be there long enough at least but no. This time, Keith was almost in the bottom two, glad it didn't happen. I got worried when the "toilet paper swept in a storm" garment mentioned by Michael Kors turned out to be his. Keith and Wesley were my early faves ok...This week the Pin-Up vintage looking girl won the challenge and I must say that it was a pretty good job. I thought that this (vision on what a night out in New York looks like) challenge had the potential of producing some very interesting and supposed to be extraordinarily fantastic garments which I didn't quite see on the runway. We got some broken down clock, bursting pieces of cloth on a black dress, again, toilet paper literally drowned, etc. Oh, by the way, good job for Leanne bouncing back from last week's bottom two. She impressed the judges on how quickly she learned how to edit her work. I guess the silent fashion assassin is going to be a killer designer. Another designer that I'm liking now is that biker chic. More and more I'm getting a "sweet p." kind of attitude and I love that. I love Sweet P...
I'm sorry Emily, that means you're out. Auf'd...

Kenley ... winner




Wednesday, July 30, 2008

promoting DustinBayPhotography

I'm doing this for free just because I became an instant fan once I laid my eyes on these fab pictures... I've said this to myself tons of times that if I'd ever have the chance to have a break in photography, oh boy, I'll make sure to make it big time. This guy for sure is making some noise now.

These are my fave pics from his work and I must say that they are so amazing. These people by the way are somewhat my idols in a way.

Rajo Laurel. Now Rajo looks way too different here than in person but the pic is really nice.

Avi Siwa. Former host of GMA7's show OUT. She's bisexual by the way...

Jigs Mayuga. Former co-host of Ms. Avi Siwa on the same show. Gay..duh?! He's now working for L'oreal Paris I believe and you can get a glimpse of him once in a while on Project Runway Philippines.

Rufa Mae Quinto. One of the funniest commidiene there is on local TV. I swear!

Viktor. Owner of Viktor jeans I believe. Costomized jeans from Viktor are the best (hey any GC comin yet? free advertisement here).

Jeremy Favia. He's a chef and yep he's on TV via KaToque on Qtv 11. Cutie huh?! By the way, I've heared that he's a product of UST (go USTe! go USTe! go! go! go! go!)

To see more of DustinBay's work check 'em out on his Multiply account :

The Prince's Trailer...

Long wait is done...or at least for the trailer...

That kid Voldemort for some reasons really disturbs me. For sure he'll be a star after this movie.

Learn how to get your "Victory Hair"

Steamy hot 'magic' after doing your moves and saying your flirty lines will definitely lead you to your winning Victory Hair. Shake it and maybe mess up what your momma gave you and you might find yourself in a crazy flirty situation that I bet you won't regret. There's a lot of ways to express one's triumph over something pretty hard to get. If you got your Victory Hair on, that simply means that you're one lucky Ultimate Flirting Champion. To put it in my own words, Victory Hair is when a stunning and hot looking son of adam and a gorgeous sizzling daughter of eve felt a sudden jolt of electricity upon laying eyes on each other for the first time, then they begin to find their way to each other, flirtin their way in and BOOM!, just like an atomic bomb explosion and things got pretty messed up (in a very sweat drippin way). Then there you go, perfect Victory Hair!

Ok, now I'll do my kind of step-by-step plan towards my own sexy, stunning Victory Hair. This is something that my professor once "thought" us his ways back when he's in college himself. Proven and tested so this might work for the guys out there too.
STEP 1. Let's just say that you're having a big time crush on a classmate or perhaps officemate or whatever. Time to go home, invite her to come along with you and your group of friends. Make sure that she won't feel out of place or what so ever discomfort.
STEP 2. Tell your friends (within that group) to walk passed the two of you, making sure that your converstations won't be overheard. Be coy and keep a good conversation.
STEP 3. Now this is the exciting part, (MAKE IT or BREAK IT) in a swift manner, hold her hand. Expect two reactions: one, she'll instantly take her hand back and/with a slap; or two, she'll let it happen. If number two happened, then good for you.
STEP 4. If she took her hand back, just keep on walking and REPEAT STEP 3! Keep doing it and if not successful after 4 or five attempts, GIVE UP and just say "I'm just kidding girl! I love to love my own kind thank you very much.

To do some checking on your rusty FLIRTY moves, try playing this fun, fun game:

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Project Runway Pinas...

As I was typing this post, I was watching Project Runway Philippines on TV. Too bad that I only got caught of the second half of the show, but it is good enough for me...

Oh gosh! I never expected it to be way too gay! I mean, I've seen enough of that in their American and Canadian part. No straight people here (except for the girls though). Anyway, I've seen some very interesting personalities aside from the judges. I love that Jigs Mayuga of L'oreal got this job. He's one of the hosts of then show OUT on GMA7. I bet he'll rock it. Also I'm glad to see Mr. Frederick Peralta as their first guest judge. The first time I've heared of him was in the Celebrity Duets, again from GMA7. Nice style!

So today's challenge is all about showcasing their identity as fashion designers. I don't know their names yet so I cannot really pin point whom I like and not. This early some of the fags are already bringing on their bitchin level way up high. Not to mention, the one who won the challenge annoyed almost everyone when he 'sang' (that sounded like a pig sqealing) a Tagalog song. Obviously enjoying himself, he just doesn't seem to care bout the others. I was a bit sad for the first eliminated contestant which was the mom aged 50 something. To compete with the younger ones can be more than a challenge for her because the level of her competitiveness I guess weren't there. As far as innovation and creativity are concerned NUH UH, just not there.

I think the rest of this will be fun! Wed. PRPhilippines . Thur. PR season 5 . Fri. another RAJO day . Sat. a fashion show day. Angie thnx for the invitation huh! Hehe! OH I just remembered, as I was in a hurry to go home after our PP3 class, there was an explosion on Espana right across UST though I don't think no one's got hurt. It made sudden commotion among students and passersby alike. I overheared that there were two men involved with it. Intriguing...just intriguing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Half Blood Prince Trailer SOON -- I guess...

Any time soon I believe it would be seen live over the net... I'm not sure if I can watch it on time though. But I'm pretty sure that it will be on YouTube soon enough. For the mean time here are some stills from the Half Blood Prince movie...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Considering an IT Career?

It is well proven fact not only here in the Philippines but as well as in the global scene, that it is a growing field there in the IT world. Careers generated overwhelmingly fast through this field that no wonder there are still a lot out there considering an IT-related job. Now, we can definitely say that there IS a life changing career in this field. I belive that we are still in the age of globalization and inter connection within nation to nation is very in demand. The need for communication and exchanging knowlege what makes IT the "it" thing that it is now.

Information Technology -- to the folks who haven't figured it out -- as what I have said, is a fast growing field now. In my own experience, I can say that it is that important now to at least know something about this field. I might sound dumb (to some...I dunno) if I connect these two things but this is how I understand the whole IT thing -- I believe that internet is a big, big part of this field of career. I mean, internet is a big, big part of everyone's life (including myself) nowadays because of the need for information, entertainment, and communication which was very limited before. I have a lot of high school classmates and friends who graduated in an IT related course and now practicing it in the real world. I believe that they have the potential to get some serious big bucks because of the great demand for it.

I browsed on the net and I was really surprised though I do not think that it is impossible, that there's this website that offers training program that leads to a wonderful career in the IT world. Now, if you're thinking and considering IT as your field, the Cisco certification from the Cisco Sytems, Inc. might be of great help for you. Oh, I swear that I think, they got one of the best IT training programs that I know. You know what, best to visit their website: They offer great deal when it comes to training programs and certifications as far as IT careers is concerned.

I've heared a lot of success stories from IT people. In fact, my big brother is one of those who are thankful because of the career field he chose. Look at him now, doing a great job raising his own family in Spain (by the way, he's an IT grad if you haven't figured it out), doing the job he always wanted. Knowing the fact that life here in the Philippines may not be as productive as it could be over there, that decision he made to migrate there for a better job and life for his family is definitely something he won't regret for the rest of his life... How bout you?! Considering an IT career? Visit, I bet they can help you big time...

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MoymoyPalaboy now international STARs?

Yep...Indeed they are. Popularity now went overseas and people like these girls, are making their own version of the phenomenal duo's performances.

See! It is proven that Pinoys are not the only one who knows how to 'borrow' other's work...YEAH BOY! Hehe!

Went nuts? have ChocNut...

Why not have an ad for this local version of KitKat (sort of). ChocNut reminds me of our San Agustin Church/Casa Manila trip and of course Mr. Carlos Celdran. Haaayyy... I wanna see that remarkable man again. I did this after watching SONA. Go figure...

I'm not an expert ya'll so... I bet I could do a better job than this.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bring in the BRANDS

Thinking of some of my fave brands, and wonder if they could (if possible one day) sponsor my blog site and perhaps have some 'freebies' from 'em. Sponsor me and I advertise you in return, that's the idea...

This is my list of the stuff that I would love to see in that I would be very honored to post anything about them. FAVES.FAVES.FAVES. Oooh I definitely have my type of car, I say Ford or BMW. HAH! Clothing brand, I'd love to say some designer high end brands but for a local one I'd be happy to have Bench (by the way, congratulations to their successful Blackout fashion show which happened very recently). Soft Drink, who on Earth haven't tasted CocaCola right, I mean hella?! Software...hmmm...Avast AntiVirus has been performing really, really good so I dare say it's one of my faves. Website, I could name tons but I'll pick for this one and of course! Fast food, tough one...hmmm...I'll go with McDonalds, for I celebrated my first birthday there. HEhehe! With everything sporty I'll definitely go for Adidas. Mobile phones, I'll have Sony or Motorola for this one. Anything that have to do with images or video techie gadgets I'd have to say Canon. The ever so popular Starbucks for my coffee shop brand. And finally, Nintendo for my personal amusement needs, thank you very much... Sponsors anyone?

All of these brands I'd love to see in for I believe the most on them. And if I, myself believes in their quality of service, therefore I'll have more faith on what I blog about, right? So, calling all these fave brands of mine, try, I'm sure they would be of great helf and I would definitely be honored, as what I've said, to be of service to you.

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Bohemian Rhapsody...kind of

One of my all time fave song, sang (quite disturbingly) like I've never seen it before. By MoymoyPalaboy of Bubble Gang. *Applause*


Friday, July 25, 2008


This was quite a bitter sweet episode for me. Starting with the 'sweet' part first. Ms. Natalie Portman was this week's guest judge. I think she's super, super adorable and fab! The bitter part was that they cut Wesley in which I could have put my faith on if ever he'll make it after this week. I thought he'll be some what like Daniel Vosovic but unfortunately he didn't came close. Do I have a crush on him...YES! Hehehe! Can't help it. I just love his personal style and the way he looks (horrible speaking voice though). Oh well, I think I just have to bid goodbye on that. [Just came in -- in the Bravo TV website, I was browsing some pics from the show to post here and I was surprised on what I just read...Wes and Daniel are dating, not Daniel V. though...darn that biatch!]

It had been some challenge and a half, and as Tim said, a PR first for their models to buy the materials to fabricate their cocktail dresses of their taste and style. GOING GREEN is the theme of the challenge and apparently, the models not only did they do a really bad job on choosing the fabrics; they don't have the sense of originality too. The designers ended up making dresses with similar fabrics (well almost) and maybe one or two yards short. I'm not a fan of the winning cocktail dress by "Suede" and I don't like the designer himself (stop talking using third person PLEASE!).

Half Blood Prince trailer COMING very SOON!!!

July 29th. F*ck I'm crazy anxious waiting, and this is not even the movie itself. It is exactly 118 days to go before the actual premier of the adaptation for the sixth book of the HP series, the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I was a bit surprised to know that it will be shown here in the Philippines earlier (November 20th) than in U.K. and U.S. (November 21st or perhaps maybe because of the time-line thing).

I love LOONY!!!

I promise to post here the trailer as soon as it reaches YouTube!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Undoing an Erasure...

Corny ba ng title? HeHeHe! This post is dedicated to the band that I trully enjoyed back in the 90s. Eraserheads.

I've heared that the'll have a reunion concert on August 30 at the CCP open grounds so I thought maybe of paying 'em a tribute. Along with the Side A, Parokya ni Edgar, and foreign counterparts, this one band is one of 'em that made such incredible songs that lasts until now being revived by various artists. One of my fave song from THE Eraserheads is the Ang Huling Elbimbo.

And this one's my ultimate Eraserhead fave: Para sa Masa

ito ay para sa mga masa
sa lahat ng nawalan ng pag-asa
sa lahat ng ng aming nakasama
sa lahat ng hirap at pagdurusa
naaalala nito pa ba
binigyan namin kayo ng ligaya
ilang taon na ring lumipas
mga kulay ng mundo ay kumupas
marami na rin ang mga pagbabago
di maiiwasan pagkat tayo ay tao lamang
mapapatawad mo ba ako
kung hindi ko sinunod ang gusto mo
la la la la la la la la. . . . . .
pinilit kong iahon ka
ngunit ayaw mo namang sumama
ito ay para sa mga masa
sa lahat ng binaon ng sistema
sa lahat ng aming nakabarkada
sa lahat ng mahilig sa labsong at drama
sa lahat ng di marunong bumasa
sa lahat ng may problema sa skwela
sa lahat ng

talking bout "reTARDS" on TV...

I know that there's a lot of local TV programs that are simply bad. And when bad turned 'terribly bad', it means I cannot stand it at all. If ratings would be the basis of a show's popularity and success, then perhaps they made it happen. But please, oh please! Maybe that's one big reason of people's sudden facination on those Desperate Housve or Gossip Girl type of shows.

If I have anything to say not so good on a show, I'd rather not say it at all. I'll make any exemption on that today. I'm sorry SIS.

Never been a fan at all maybe because it's just not my TV show genre. The three hosts are pretty (in fact I love Carmina's and Gelli's style of dressing up) but all I usually hear are loud talkin (and shouting at times). The set have the tendency to be overly decorated with a little bit too much of unecessary junk (that looks cheap to me). Everyday, they come up with that stupid rhyming lines as the "title" for the day's episode...cheeze curlz anyone?! Oh, by the way, your cameras are way too malikot. The viewers can get a bit dizzy you know.

The reason I'm posting this rant is because, this morning's episode had driven me nuts! NUTS really! Today is all about a dancing showdown of these hunky male celebs (Aljur Abrenica, Mart Escudero, Andrew schimmer, Dion Ignacio, and Arthur Solinap) to the tune of Ricky Martin's dance songs. In between the dance numbers, of course they do some talkin because it's a "talk show" remember? The hosts came up with the question: "Ano ang gusto nyo about Ricky Martin?". Now the answers could get pretty too gay for the people being asked are males. And yeas as expected, it sounded a bit too gay: Ah..Ang nagustuhan ko sa kanya is yung sex appeal nya; Ang gusto ko sa kanya eh yung mga moves nya. The shocker was that someone answered "Agree ako sa sinabe ni *bleep*, gusto ko yung sex appeal nya, at tska laging 'Felix bakat'. I...I...I'm shocked.

Now what made it worse I guess was the "judges" of the day. Mostly screamin parloristas. Oh my gosh, I feel bad on being a bit of a racist (almost) here but goodness gracious, people bear with me on this. The cheering and screaming is good for like a second or two but that's it. They tried to comment on how the boys did on shaking their bon bons and all I heared were some non sense talking, mostly copied on each other's word. I feel like it was some sort of a sabotage on these people's sense of dignity making fools out of themselves (ooh! I know a show like that *cough*WOWOWEE*cough*). Please don't make 'em look more of an idiot out of themselves!

I dunno, maybe it's just my opinion. You have yours and I have mine and everyone's entitled to their own opinions right? SIS please make it work! Chop chop now! Don't make it too cheesey! Argh!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All Black Italian Vogue

As what I said on my Toccara Italian Vogue spread, Tyra was there too looking fierce. Look who else are there: New York Fashion Shows

Monday, July 21, 2008

how's your FLIRTY 'look'?

Let's say you really, really like this person and you wanted to get noticed, what would you do?

A. Dress up and get preppy
B. Be his/her stalker
C. Throw him/her a flirtatious 'look'
D. All of the above

Mine's a C. If I actually got the balls for it. Hehehe! But if I do, I'll give it a try and give something like this...
Flirtatious doesn't really have to be like "oh come on and get me baby" kind of look right? My definition of that is like be cute and fun and reserved in a way. Though I don't usually do the actual lookin at the guy in front of me and throwing it like that. I'm super shy in person but hey, I'm quite a different guy on the net. Perhaps my non-verbal kind of way of flirting is through posting pics of me on my blog site or in my Multiply and Friendster account. Click, click , click and presto, I got some pretty nice pics. Cool! I got some messages here and there (kidding)! But I do get some good feedbacks on those "looks" and for me it's like my kind of way of flirting.

To try out your flirting "skills", give it a shot at Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship! It really is a fun, fun game! You get to make your avatar image there and play with other three players. The mechanics is that you'll have to answer in 30 seconds the questions to be given by the judges (by the way, you can be the judge too) in your best pick up line or your own sexy flirty line. The primary goal here is to OUTflirt your opponent in the game! Hehehe! Of course the judge will choose the winner and who will get his/her Victory Hair! Trust me, you will enjoy this one.

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I know you want to try this one...Just GIVE IT A TRY! See ya'll!
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another ProjRunway5 post...

Well, I just knew that it already started (thnx again to angie) so this one is a bit of a late review. But hey, nothing's too late for something this good.

Contestants were introduced though the casting part was not showed. I see some interesting ones and some that right from the start you can tell that won't make it. Some good looking male designers (Keith Bryce and Wesley Nault), some got their own unique and bizzare styles ("Suede", Stella Zotis), people of color (Korto Momoru, Terri Stevens, Jerry Tam, and Blayne Walsh [sqeeze in his tan]), some season 4 counterparts (Jerell Scott the former model male version, Kelli Martin the younger version of Sweet P., and Daniel Feld who looks like Mario from season 1), and finally the mousey "silent assasins" (Leanne Marshall, Emily Brandale, Jennifer Diederich). Others that I didn't mention (one or two of 'em) are just a blah for me as of now. No faves yet but I do think that what Kelli did was really nice.

INNOVATION. That's the word for this week's challenge just like season 1's first challenge. Project Runway's definition of this word is to do something out of the ordinary and traditional. It means that they want to see some weird stuff put on those dresses that actually looks pretty, nice and wearable. Apparently, I think more than half of the designers primarily used table cloth which is not good for this challenge. Kelli won by using the vacum cleaner papers and some coffee paper filters. Austin Scarlet (which is by the way their guest judge because of winning this challenge 4 seasons back) was quite impressed with Kelli's techniques and details which was agreed by Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

for a second I thought this is Jaslene

All in all I think this season would be equally exciting as the past ones. Heidi is looking fierce as usual (as if she never given birth yet) and Tim is in his usual attire and looking fine. Hmmm...I just wish that Project Runway Philippines could do justice to the show (unlike that crappy PNTM...UGH!).