Friday, January 30, 2009

mumu o...

haha! wala lang... scary ek ek. Halatang walang magawa...

ANTM's "real" Top Models PART II

Just a continuation...People I abo-fuckin-lutely love that came out of ANTM boot camp...

Cycle 4

As much as people hate or dislike this girl, I still think that she had the fiercest final runway walk in ANTM history... Besides, no one can handle that hair as well as she can...

Kahlen Rondot

How can anyone not love this girl... She looks fierce even at her wrath...

Cycle 5

Kim stolz

Oh please, this dike does it softer than a straight girl...Love her.

Cycle 6

Danielle Evans

I like her vibe in the show and such a fan of her post ANTM photos...One of the best winners.

Joannie Dodds
Joanie and Dani together, geez, they can have a talk show together. Just can't take a bad foto.

ANTM's "real" Top Models PART I

Here's a list of ANTM alumni that in my opinion deserves the title of being a Top Model. Mostly non-winners and some are non-active models this days but none the less, they're top models in their own right.

Cycle 1

Elyse Sewell
Such a huge fan. Need I say more?

Cycle 2
Shandi Sullivan

Many people misses her doing modeling, myself included.

Yoanna House

If you can sell this helmet on your head and still be beautiful in it, damn you're a good model.

Cycle 3
Toccara Jones

F-A-B-O...I think it's supposed to be fabulous... She's fierce in every way...

That's it folks... PART II still to come [cycles 4-6]...

Call him "The Duke"

I read about this on the newspaper this morning so I thought maybe share it with you guys. AXN Asia will be airing it's new show "The Duke" which is described as a glossy men's magazine talk show about successful men in their respective fields. Apparently, it's pilot episode will feature our very own, third sexiest man in the world [by E! Television], Dingdong Dantes. The show will premiere on February 9, 8 PM. Lucky me, I can't watch this effin show because I got a class that time [darn it!]. So anyway, here's an article from to fill you in with the details.

Dingdong Dantes is really going global.

No doubt about this since he was first featured in E! Television and ranked third among the sexiest men in the world last year. This time, another international channel is giving recognition to the Kapuso actor by featuring him on the pilot episode of the newest show of AXN, The Duke. The Duke is a glossy men's magazine talk show that will feature successful men in their respective fields.

Last December 2008 nang pumunta sa bansa ang grupo ng AXN Asia na naka-based sa Singapore. Kasama sa pumunta rito sa Pilipinas ang mga cameramen, director, executive producer, staff, at host ng The Duke na si Eunice Olsen.

Sa mismong bahay ni Dingdong sa Cubao, Quezon City—na unang na-feature sa December 2008 issue ng YES! magazine—ginanap ang interview ng The Duke sa Filipino actor. Yun nga lang, naging mahigpit ang bilin ng mga taga-AXN na hindi pa puwedeng maglabas ng anumang information about the show and the international channel habang wala pa silang go signal to release it, lalo pa nga't pilot episode ang feature nila kay Dingdong.

It was only today, January 29, that AXN Asia production manager Ci En Xu and The Duke director Joey Chan gave the signal to Dingdong's manager, Perry Lansigan, to release the details about the show's airing and content.

Ayon sa letter na ipinadala nila kay Perry, The Duke will have air its pilot episode on February 9, 8 p.m., Singapore time. Kasabay rin itong mapapanood sa AXN Philippines on the same date and time sa Singapore.

Bukod kay Dingdong, ang iba pang napili ng AXN mula sa Pilipinas na mai-feature sa The Duke ay si Vice President Noli de Castro at ang British founder ng Gawad Kalinga na si Dylan Wilk. Bukod sa kanila ay may iba pang mga sikat na personalities sa Asia ang makakasama ni Dingdong na mapi-feature sa show.

Sa bawat episode ng The Duke, magpi-feature sila ng mga importanteng tao who are successful in their careers, who earned respect of their peers, and are role models. Someone whom they can call a "Duke."

Malaki ang pasasalamat ni Dingdong sa mga ganitong rekognisyon na dumarating sa kanya, lalo na't galing pa sa ibang bansa, kung saan nakikita at nabibigyan siya ng importansiya. Naniniwala si Dingdong na sa lahat ng ito, in a way, ay naipagmamalaki rin niya ang bansang Pilipinas sa global scene. Keep posted to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) for more details and photos of Dingdong's feature on The Duke. - Philippine Entertainment Portal

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jessica Simpson's new groove

I guess this one's a little too late but "fat asses" can never be late. Apparently, Ms. Jessica Simpson gained some pounds and poof, she's all over the news. Suddenly, it reminded me of Tyra Banks. Not surprising at all. Simpson made millions with her singing and her killer ex-body and Banks made an empire out of her modeling and her killer ex-body too... What a nice comparison. By the way, they're also known as "the girls who suffers from cellulites" and loving it...I guess.

Jessica Simpson (then)

Jessica "Whitney Thompson" Simpson (now)
Seriously, she looks like Whitney of ANTM... Don't you think so?

And speaking of ANTM...

Come on...she's a former top model. Of all the models out there, she's probably the best in projecting her leaner self. Not to the paparazzi though.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 -- Meet the Girls

People, let's meet this cycle's top model wannabes. Let's get in the fold shall we?














While browsing on these photos for a second I thought I was looking at American Idol contestants... Just saying. In my opinion, I think a black girl would win this cycle. Aside from Allison here, I don't see any extra from the other white girls. And for some reason, I'm not sure what, when I look at this Kortnie gal she looks like a pop singer or something...
So, there you have it...Who's your early fave?

Monday, January 19, 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 -- Promo Vid

This is it ya'll! Just an 11-second promo clip for ANTM12. Based on a very reliable source, Cycle 12 will air on March 4th... Pretty soon huh?! Hehe! Hopefully better set of girls and a better winner too!!! Can't wait! [Hmmm...paper dolls...interesting]

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strange sightings on Google Earth

Wala lang... Out of the blue I came up with the idea of searching for weird stuff... Saya!

Native American Indian with Headphones

Jumping Bunny

Parking Space for a Jet Fighter

Just the Shipwreck

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Raymond who wowed Ryan and Randy

Raymond Gutierrez

Ryan Seacrest

Randy Jackson

More than impressed, Ryan Seacrest played a part of the hosting job that Raymond Gutierrez did in Pinoy Idol [in his radio show]. Upon hearing this, even though I'm not a big fan of Raymond, napa-wow din ako. Sometimes, it really takes someone else's opinion before you appreciate something or someone right? I mean, kaka-aliw! hehe! It is said that Ryan will be doing the same intro [that Raymond did] this season of American Idol. Seriously, it such a huge compliment even though it's quite indirect. Then, gulat ako, Randy's voice suddenly heard and was also wowed and impressed. One thing's certain now, Raymond had proven himself and his hosting talent to be in international level. Far from his twin brother's forte, which is more on being the matinee idol and big time actor.

Just a personal opinion guys, I think Raymond looks so much better than his twin only if they're of the same physique, if you know what I mean...

Richard and Raymond Gutierrez

Friday, January 16, 2009

ANTM models at their worst -- ENJOY!

Am a bit notorious on grabbing photos from ANTM LJ community ya'll and I admit it. At least I'm not claiming someone else's work. Anyway, the following pictures were taken from the ANTM Obsessed launch party of Oxygen featuring some of the worst and most unflattering fotos these girls can ever had..

Whitney Thompson

I don't know what's with her but she just can't close that effin mouth of hers. And yeah, she's still in her "normal" size. Geez... Improve on that Whitney. BTW, she looks like a member of Gucci Gang [you know, on crack].

Saleisha Stowers

Hooker anyone? Mean?! Nah... Ok fine, that's mean. Thank goodness she dropped the bob head.

Yoanna House

I love you girl but I just don't like this picture of yours. I guess this look best suites mothers [and yep, she's a mother now...and married].

Samantha Potter

And the winner for the worst look of the night is...SAM! The hair screams "I'm not a model, what am I doing here?" What's with the poofy hair?

Tyra "Sasha Fierce's long lost sister" Banks

It's a love-hate thing for me with this girl. I'm sorry but this just look too old... OLD, Tyra! OLD! And yeah, "full-figured" [*cough"FAT"cough*]...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let's Eat -- shall we?

I didn't know that flies from France are in demand on the menu. Served with sausages if you like. Yum! Take note, it's french cuisine in some Asian restaurant. And when you want to have peanuts, correction: peanut, as in they're served one piece per plate. Comes with chopsticks... And yes, they serve small salad too. I wonder what's in a "big" one...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Have you seen this film yet? Grabe! I think this is one of Brad Pitt's best movies that I've seen. Well, the title itself will surely make you "curious" about the story. The story was about this person who aged in reverse. He was born with almost all the possible illness of an aging old man. Grew up in a house for the aged where his father left him. Despite his monsterous looks, he's far from redicule for he's simply seen as one of them. Far from his adoptive mother's expectation, he lived more than days, months, and years than he's supposed to. The rest of his adventures was just amazing and I don't want to spoil it to ya'll too much... hehe! All I can say is that at first, he looked awfully ugly as a "kid", then grew younger, of course the usual Brad Pitt hotness was shown on the "younger-than-middle-aged-man" stage, then became a teen ager [which I find as weird as he's on the old man stage], then a kid again, then...find out what happened next. Kate Blanchett was just incredibly amazing too. She's like the epitome of Hollywood beauty for me. Parang di totoo yung mukha nya eh... hehe! Anyway, you guys should watch this!!! A must see!

American Idol Season 8 -- my new obsession

Honestly I haven't paid enough attention last 7 seasons of AI. I don't even know some of the winners' names.But finally, after David Cook's win, game on I'm into this so so into this. And I just found my first bet! HAH! I didn't get his name though but he's the geeky guy from Arizona on whom Randy and Simon argued on. Oh boy, this guy's got the voice... Talent on the rough. By the way, if you haven't heard of the new judge, her name is Kara DioGuardi [song writer, record producer, and amazing singer. Only heard of her so recently [meaning today] and heard her sing [yep, just now] and I'm an instant fan...

Kara DioGuardi

I'm glad that I watched this premiere episode, specially because of the last person to audition. I believe his name is Scott [hope I got it right] the almost totally blind guy. Very inspirational audition piece not only because of his disability and all, but he can really sing. Not to mention, he entered college at the age of 14. Holla?! Talent with brains! Hehe! So far, these two guys among the others caught my attention... Well, talent aside, there's actually another one... The girl in her bikinis. Instant "yes"s from Simon and Randy, and two angry woman namely Paula and Kara. She made it anyway so good for her...and to Ryan on whom this girl promised to make out with after getting her golden ticket...

Seriously, I won't dare miss an episode this season...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 -- Get In The Fold

By far this is the first promo picture from the new season of ANTM which is pretty much just around the corner. According to it's source, it seems like it's some sort of a ballet theme... Watcha think?

Stand aside Beer Barrel Guy...

Ya think Baguio's Beer Barrel Guy is scandalous? Wait til you see this...This one again came from Elyse Sewell's Live Journal. She went to this museum called the "Sex Culture Museum" and this picture pretty much says it all. I'm having this second thoughts on editing this picture before posting it but, WTF, who cares right?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rage Journal : Entry One -- reposted

This is a repost video, again from Joseph Keane. Funny it says Entry One though it never had a sequel or something... Enjoy his rage...

Perky Little Pornstar -- from Skokie, Illinois

VIEWER DISCRETION:: Contains male nudity. But in my opinion it's not bastos naman. It is more on the entertaining part. This is a part of the theater musical "Naked Boys Singing". Don't ask me how I found this. I simply love the humor of the song! This is a must see even. This guy portraying the "perky little pornstar" is Joseph Keane, a very talented singer and actor. While watching this one it suddenly reminded me of Brent Corrigan... Hehe!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Beware! Might go blind!

Go figure this... Really, it could scare the hell out of you...
Thanks to!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Joaqui Valdez -- I have no idea that he can sing...

Naaliw ako so I'll post this one. Just got home from school. I was flipping the channel on my TV then I came across this music video on FLIP channel. It was a pleasant surprise to see this dude, Joaqui Valdez singing this song I'm not sure what's the title. It goes like "I'm an English man in America" or something. I totally have no idea that he can sing...
This video is not what I'm talking but this one's a sample on his singing.
He hosts 100% Pinoy on GMA7 together with Miriam Quiambao. And based on this picture, I suppose he does theater too. Hmmm... Really good looking guy with a singing talent to match... Really nice...
BTW, if any of you guys know the song that I was talking about, please let me know! Hehe!