Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Times with Mo VS. The Chico and Delamar Show

This may not be an original topic but hey, better late than never.

TingTingTingTing! Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!

It all began with a simple radio commercial that Mo and Andi9 did that apparently, this commercial was aired on Chico and Delamar's show. The latter duo or perhaps a listener was upset of what happened which in my opinion is senseless. I would have to agree with Mo when he said that why be upset or get offended by it when on TV (where network rivalry is pretty much more "deeper") stars from Kapuso and Kapamilya networks can be seen through commercials in their rival homes. In fact they even team up together sometimes (have you seen the Piolo-Dingdong Ponds commercial?).

So Mo in his "defense", took time to make his reaction on this matter and "researched" on the net and found an "old radio commercial" that was allegedly done by Chico himself. It was an audio commercial but someone did a "video" of it and posted it on YouTube. Just watch...Vaclair Airlines!!!

Mistah Mohan Gumatay sure do know how to play the game... That makes me love their show even more! HAHA! Good Times Rulezzzz!!!!

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