Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E02

Aries was proven to be a bigger bitch than Naomi Campbell and Eli Gonzales would be his mother spanking him all day on the ass for being such a maldita. HE's bitchin and moaning over last week's eliminated contestant, Loida. If you're trying to be funny, let me tell you dear, you're f-ing annoying. Fix that terrible hair do will ya? Oh I like Eli so much! Unlike some of the gay contestants out there, he's not a pain in the eyes in terms of looks... Hate to say this but I'm not keen on liking his work. Thank goodness he didn't get eliminated yet. I'd like to hear all his commentaries over that pig-faced maldita.

Anyway, tonight's challenge is to design a clothing of their choice inspired by some of the legends of Philippine fashion scene. And so I was thrilled to see our version of MOOD which is the Metro at the Market Market. I was like, whoah, we got that? I mean a fabric store as big as that... Then they did their thing plus extra drama and comedy on the side. I saw some nice ones and some not so good. The usual. My impression about this challenge was that it wasn't really as adventurous as it is in America. It is expected for them to come up with beautiful pieces for their inspirations won't be called legends for nothing. Was there a twist? I dunno. And if there was, I haven't even noticed. I think with just a bit more tweaking on the format or perhaps adding in some unexpected twists, the show would do a great job.

Just an observation... I don't think that PNTM got as much fashion related commercial load than what PRP is enjoying now. Don't you think so?

Oh, I've almost forgot. Nice job VeeJay Floresca! Nice job!

SPOILER ALERT. As might have guessed already, they already have a winner before the show was first shown on air. I heared that it would be...a Cebuano. I dunno, this might not be true but I think it's not impossible.

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