Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dingdong's Biggest Compliment yet...

The Marian-Dingdong team up is undeniably a "monster love team" in terms of popularity and followings. It was also said by some that the latter just had a ride on the former's skyrocketed career. I say...OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Yes, the Marimar project did some good with the both of 'em. In fact, Marian got tons of endorsements and shows after and Dingdong also had his share of endorsements (one of the most publicized would have to be the Bench ad) and follow up shows.

Marian is the reigning FHM sexiest woman of the world even without having any sort of pictorial with the said magazine publication. I don't want to say that it was not that great but I think Dingdong brought it a notch higher than that level. No, he's not named the sexiest male celeb in another mag. Guess who discovered him and would want to have him on their list as one of the 25 sexiest men of the world. E! ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Ka level lang naman nina David Beckham eh... I mean, anu yun? Wala lang naman yun ah! HEHEHEHE!!! Beat that *bleep-bleep*!!! If you can produce one to be on that list in the future, I'll salute you for that. But either you can are you cannot, Dingdong will always be the first Pinoy to be named one of the world's finest men by E!.

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