Monday, November 26, 2007

spreading the LOVE

Nope it's not Valentine's day yet. Christmas is yet to come too. Perhaps we don't need an extra special occassion to spread to you guys the LOVE from PayPerPost!

Want to earn extra just by blogging? PayPerPost could be the one to help you! Personally, I love sharing stuff over the net. So when I've heard of this, I thought, why not get more out of something you really, really love to do. One of my realatives introduced me to PPP. Her story is quite innovative itself. She started her blog site about two years ago and when she found about payperpost, she signed up for it. When she told me about this, she already established her very own internet cafe from her earnings here! I was like WOW I wanted to sign up to!

Now, I just had my first post approved! Hmmm... What am I going to do with my money? Personally, it could help me a lot with my studies. I'm in college now and thesis is almost there! This is my perfect way to lighten my parents' financial burden. Yey me! Aside from that, I'm also looking forward on meeting new friends here. Hope to see you guys in payperpost! Ciao!

delightful way of spending a WEEKEND

Ever since I was a kid, I'm in to art. You can see all my scribbling every where with out the exemption for our walls. My parents saw this talent in me that they started to expose me into art at an early age. They made me saw those fabulous art works in malls and museums. I couldn't be more inspired then to start my own little masterpieces.

This interest grew in me that I ended up taking Architecture as my course in college. Famous and historical structures has always been my center of interest in my course. When I found out about the ‘First Friday Weekend Art Walk’ in America's oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida, I was like "what a way to spend a weekend!" I couldn't find a better place to pay a visit on my first weekend of every month. Paintings, photography, music and of course, Architecture all in one venue. The art gallery features only the finest collection of awesome creations by St. Augustine's artists. Best of all, free parking and sightseeing Train and Trolley tours are available here. Mark the dates December 7 and 8, Friday and Saturday on your calendar! It would be a great feast for both our eyes and ears!
St. Augustine Artwalk

Friday, November 16, 2007

battle of the REALITY shows...

Project Runway is back on the air! At last the long wait is finally over. I watched the first episode for this season and I'm just a bit disappointed not to see the actual casting process. I'd just like to know if Daniel Franco would be there! HAHA!

In ANTM, the photoshoot was damn fierce for Jenah (of course), and Chantal(as in WOW). Anyway, the episode is entitled "the girl who starts to lose her cool". My gosh! I'm sort of split on how I feel on how Heather reacted on some critique given to her. I really do think that it's a harsh comment. Like it or not, that's how the biz goes. Boy am I surprised on how she acted towards the other girls. Maybe it's just one big flaw on her character (due to her illness perhaps).

So, after seeing both of these episodes I checked out ANTM community in LiveJournal and saw this post. It has this link to a video from YouTube. A Tyra show episode featuring Rami Kashou's collection (Project Runway 4 contestant). Surprisingly, one of the models there looks very much like Seleisha (ANTM 9 contestant). Might be wrong about this but she really looks like her and was suspiciously placed in the middle of the other models. Perhaps ANTM 9 was done taping their episodes by then. What do you think?

remembering how SHE was...

I was looking at her and all I can say is that, what a waste of talent... Britney Spears in her then Pepsi commercial...

I used to lover her you know...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

pushing Daisies

PUSHING DAISIES -- Again, my dear friend Ms. Dumalus introduced to me a very, very nice thing to watch. This time it's a TV "dramedy". This series is just great. The best thing about this one is that it's very enjoyable to watch because of the twists and turns of the story. Definitely for all ages though it's kind of morbid at times.

Just watch the show, I'm sure you'll love it. Ned the pie maker is sortta cute... Uhuh! And his pie parlor has a very provocative name of "Pie Hole" but it won't come across in a green way (unless you have a very polluted head up there). I wonder what's like to bring something dead to life... Hmmm...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tyra said "TagaLEG"

I found this video on YouTube which was from the Tyra Show with guest Vanessa Hudgens. To those who still have no idea, Vanessa was half Filipino. Too bad she can't speak Tagalog. The reason why I posted this one is because I find it really, really cool and funny how Tyra pronounced "Tagalog" (Philippines' national language). Close enough but of course with the slang. Sounded like taga-LEG. Hehe! Love her for that!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

forget bout the girls...

hehe! The whole music video stuff was great but Enrique Iglesias was hot himself. HAH! But oh well, on this episode of ANTM I think Lisa and Heather did well as vampire ladies. Poor Heather falling like that on the taping. She looked almost dead. Then again, she ended up nailing her part and looked drop-dead gorgeous. You want some ranting bout all of this, check out Lots of angry "ex-fans" there that still watch the show anyways.

Looks like there's not a lot of people who really cares of Sara being eliminted. "Oh, she's out. Ok. Next?" I have to agree on one of those comments in LiveJournal that why bother casting a plus size if they won't make it close enough or win this thing. But I also agree with Nigel when he said that it was a hard position for Sara to be in. She should either gain or loose weight within the span of time given in the show...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Merry Christmas says THE Dickinson

I guess this one's never too early for the occassion. 12 days of Christmas by no other than Ms. Janice Dickinson!!! Yey!

Friday, November 2, 2007

HOT Avril Lavigne!!!

Her new song might be around for quite a while now. I saw her music video of HOT couple of minutes ago and it speaks for its self. Definitely, absolutely HOT HOT HOT! I'm not that much of a Avril fan though I really enjoy her music and sense of character. She's hot indeed!

I adore her fashion style! OH gosh! Sassy and punk! LOVE her.