Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Willie...defender of the offended?

Please! Just stop it! I mean WTF?! You give meaning to one's joke then all of a sudden you'll make a speech saying that you got offended for your co-'artist' by it and sensationalize the whole issue by saying something about 'joke ethics' (that's how I wanna call it)?

“Sana ho kung magbibiro tayo puwede naman kayong mag-compose ng kantang hindi kayo nakakasakit ng kapwa n’yo, e. Wala akong kinantang nakasakit ng kapwa ko,"...Willie
a well said moron talk... Then there came the life story of Pokwang. I'm not saying that her life story isn't touching, but look, this is a noontime show you're in and not an afternoon drama anthology or something. Please! Look who's talking. Do all your speech and bashing, you just can't bring a Joey de Leon down by your lame attempts.

You wanted to be a comedian/comedienne and you'll be offended just like that? Therefore stop calling yourself one if you're that light skinned. You're just using the joke to make an issue that you think would eventually make you the 'bida'. Dude, you're just f*ckin insecure and you just can't handle that. Don't use someone else's issue and make it an opportunity to do your lame-o bahsing speech.

Mind you...I can't stand watching everything on this video but more or less I know what he's trying to say. I'll seriously throw up if I'll watch the whole thing.

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