Monday, September 15, 2008

Where is a camera when you need it the most?!

Not that I'm taking my camera phone for granted, but the reality was that, it's not fit for the job. The Hundred Island trip could have been a perfect opportunity for cam whoring... Yep, cam whoring... Hehe! So anyway, though I didn't get that chance to capture lots of beautiful stuff and moments, I enjoyed myself a lot. Despite the little misadventures along the way, I'm still glad to be there and not dare miss it...

I wish I could share lots of fotos but as what I said, I got only a few. And most of those few fotos we're a bit too uninteresting so nah...rather not share it. I'm still hoping ( expecting some) to see some good ones from my dear classmates and friends (angie! enge naman piktyurs)...hehe!

The best part of the whole experience was...hmmm...i guess when we reached the islands. Breath taking...just as what I've heared of it before...haaay...

I'll share with you some pics from my cam fone later...only if I'll ever get the drive to do so... Cheers to Bolinao and Alaminos!

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