Friday, September 19, 2008

Survivor Pinas -- first tribal council

Wow -- I watched some seasons of Survivor (America) and all of 'em were pretty intense, dramatic, physically challenging, and lots of mind game involved. Watching our own version of Survivor, I'm very impressed [being a GMA7 loyalist aside] on how it turned out.

Tonight is the first Tibal Council and watching the 'castaways' begin their plans and strategies, you'll see who's real, who's acting his way to the top, who's there for the experience, etc. What's driving me nuts was the little groups within their tribes forming. The Bisaya vs. Tagalogs, lower middle class vs. the rich kids... Looks like JC's charm and background made him an easy target to some. The others think that this guy doesn't need the 3 million prize. His future is much more secured compared to the others. Emerson emerged to be the player of the pack. A self confessed actor. Maybe he thinks that he can play the people round him in his hands...big mistake.

JC [hardcourt heartthrob]

Emerson [the technician]

Chev [Bisayang Palaban] -- first to go home... I'm not quite sure why but I think she was eliminated because of their recent challenge. Kung baga eh nagpahamak sa tribe nila. Just a bit of her background -- Separated from her Thai national husband and two kids; once worked as a GRO and addicted to drugs. Trying to start anew, she joined the show in the hope of bagging the title and the 3 million prize -- sorry pero sawi na naman sya... better luck next time ika nga...

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