Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E07 -- the one who dared insult Rajo

This week's challenge is to make a uniform / a new look for the Beverly Hills 6750 employees.

Eli, Eli, Eli... it's a love-hate thing for me towards him. I have no problem with him being a laid back person, but this week, it seems like he's not there to compete. You know the feeling when you feel so competitive to achieve a common goal, then you'll see your fellow competitor(s) just there not exerting enough effort simply because he/she thinks that he'll/she'll do an ok job... Frustrating... Just a bit...

Yep...the guy who made Rajo felt insulted is no less than Eli. Just what Rajo said, he's reaction was only because he knows Eli could do so much more than just laying his back on his immunity. And his (Eli's) excuse was even more unacceptable when he said that since he got that immunity, why not help his co-designers which eventually caused such a poor performance. The judges said that it was a waste and plain ugly. With all this been said and done...Eli's still smiling. Positivity extraordinaire... He could have been eliminated if not for his immunity.

Never in the history of Project Runway that they didn't send a designer home for a challenge. No one's got eliminated this week only because the bottom two (Mara and Ivan) does not include the worst for the challenge...

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