Monday, September 29, 2008

what's behind the "Rosemary's Baby" cut?

Remember that ANTM Cycle 5 hair diva? Yep, that's Cassandra who chose her 2-3 inches of hair over the competition. That dreaded "Rosemary's Baby cut" of Mia Farrow made her decide not to continue with it [such a dumb decision].

So I was watching the 2006 remake of the movie Omen this morning and at the opening credits I saw Mia Farrow's name. I was like, hmmm... I think I can distinguish her right away despite of her age. She looks more aged in the movie since her role was the evil nanny/protector of Damien [the son of the devil]. She's an American actress whome stardom began with a soap-opera and screen tested for a role in Julie Andrew's "The Sound of Music".

Nope, this is not Twiggy. This was Mia Farrow back in late 1960's. This was the famous Mia Farrow hair cut for the movie Rosemary's Baby.

This is what more or less Ms. Farrow looks like right now.

Mia as Mrs. Baylock

This was the "Ms. Pasaway" Cassandra Whitehead that is now enjoying her all grown brunette hair.

Since Cassandra couldn't handle the 'cut', it was given to Mollie Sue Steenis Gondi of Cycle 6 which really helped her career after the competition.

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