Friday, September 26, 2008

Project Runway S05E11 -- too tight for HipHop

This post's a little too late but whatever... This episode trully is a unique one. Though it was a reminiscent of a challenge way back in Season 2 where Nick Verreos was eliminated after designing a look for his fellow designer. And so, this week's challenge was to design for one of your competitor with a specific musical genre. Sabotage could have been the word but I don't think they could possibly do that while designing for one another.

Korto designed PunkRock for Suede -- yep, I agree that it was a bit draggish

Suede designed Rock for Jerell -- way too subtle for rock... Kiss would be ashamed

Jerell designed Pop for Kenley -- definitely not in her 1950's era / could have been the winning look

Kenley designed "HipHop" for Leanne -- I thought HipHop's supposed to be baggy [BTW, I'd like to express my great dislike for Kenley for being such a stubborn, hard-headed, and non good listener bitch that she is -- f*ck you! -- I do think that Leanne's workin it in this picture and you 50's grandma should be greatful bout it]

Leanne designed Country for Korto -- too much guhdunk-dunk huh?!

This was a fun challenge actually and after watching some previous boring episodes, I was finally amused again.

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