Thursday, September 18, 2008

America's Next Top Model S11E04 -- the girl with the FANCY hair

Yep, it's the MAKE-OVER episode and it really did a good thing for the girls who need 'em the most...

Before I go on with my rants and praises with their new looks, I'd just like to comment on the new opening credits. It's the first time for me to see this so bear with me. First thing into mind --Tyra, Tyra, Tyra, it's her show, don't dare go against it. Well, yeah it IS her show but...I think it's a bit too narcissistic, agree? I have to say that Elina and Samantha looks damn gorgeous on the credits while hands-down, Sharaun's the worst [not surprised at all].

MAKE OVERS -- the whole Snow White-ish [or should I say Black] intro for the make-overs was just ridiculous but...oh well. I'd just share you my faves. Lots of 'em turned out great but these two are just insanely beautiful.

Marjorie -- Platinum blonde to brunette. What I think about this girl is that she's always nervous in person but when the camera's start clicking, she turns into a supermodel.

Elina -- WTF! Either you hate it or love it. I'm not quite sure on what to comment about her new look. Her hair reminds me of Brittany of cycle 8 where she got that evil red bushy hair that driven the whole house nuts. All in all I think she pulled it off despite of the tears.

Lauren Brie -- The girl that wowed me since last week. No drastic change, just made her a bit more blonde, but turned out so fab. She's in the running for the most high-fashion girl this season.

This was her last week's foto [as Tyra said, one of the top 5 best fotos in Top Model history].

In terms of performance, aside from these three girls, I'd like to commend Samantha, Sheena, and especially Joslyn. Joslyn's not one of my faves but I do think that she's damn good! Her fotos are stunning. As for Samantha, I really like her new short hair for it does make justice for her face and this week's foto is really, really nice. And of course Sheena. Finally, an Asian girl who can rock it. By far not the best girl but higyly commendable.



High-fashion is the name of the game this cycle and I think this time around Tyra did a good job on picking her girls [not entirely though]...

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