Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project Runway Pinas S01E09 -- RTW disaster

Again, I came home a bit too late to make it on the start of tonight's show... All I caught on TV was some hideous clothing line from Eli's team. I figured it out that it was a group challenge of three in making three RTW looks for Cinderella [I think]. Since six people were left, there were two groups formed: {Jaz's team: Aries and VeeJay} {Eli's team: Philip and Mara}. I'm not into any Cinderella's clothing line (DUH?!) for obvious reasons but it is also quite obvious that Jaz's team got the challenge in the bag for being more cohesive and well responded "collection". The judges think that Eli's dress was only a piece of craft -- craft/crap (haha corny) -- and Mara's just not corporate enough unlike what she said.

FInally, after weeks of ups and downs; being the most inconsistent designer out of the whole bunch, Eli was sent home. Well in my opinion at least he got two challenge wins to be proud of kahit na mejo parang chamba lang. So any way, I don't think he's of any way feel bad about it except the part that he'll sure miss the people he got along well in the competition.

Now, the TOP 5 of Project Runway Pinas were chosen... Aries, Veejay, Jaz, Philip, and Mara. So who will be the next big Filipino fashion designer?

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