Thursday, September 25, 2008

America's Next Top Model S11E05 -- drowned in the "isis"

Extra! Extra! Two went home this week!

One at the runway challenge and one after the normal judging... I think they do it everytime that they cast 14 girls [though last season it came earlier than they expected it because of Kimberly].

The BlindFolded runway challenge. That was a first. Freakin out the girl if they're gonna fall off the runway because of those stupid blindfolds. Well good for them not to end up in Americas Funniest Videos though two of 'em were just tragic. Hannah and Samantha. Hannah was labeled the train wreck and Samantha the stripper. In the designer's opinion [who was BTW Jeremy Scott] Samantha should have been eliminated for the "insult" of misrepresenting him. But because she's just not made for the catwalk, Hannah was sent packing. Joslyn won the challenge and as a prize, she had an editorial photoshoot for Seventeen magazine [which in my opinion is a bit overrated now on the in gagging overrated] with Isis and Sheena and I have to say that the photo came out fierce...

Then came the photoshoot. The idea was really, really nice though hearing the story behind it was kind of blah. So anyway, the girls were shot showing their best "smile-with-your-eyes" pose exposing only from their nose bridge to up. All in all I think it was fantastic. I'm not happy that Clark was named the best this week and was called first instead of my bets but yeah, fierce intense eyes. My faves for this particular shoot were Sheena, Analeigh, Lauren Brie and of course Marjorie. No Elina for this one because she struggled quite a it on being stuck with her poses. She admitted it anyway so...

A game is a game so if you won't stand out and fight for it, you'll never gonna make it. As much as I root for this "girl", sad to say that she was fading week to week and now came her time to go. Isis. She looked literally drowned on her picture and that costed her the competition...


Lauren Brie

Marjorie -- can hardly tell that it's her

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