Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Survivor Pinas -- friggin HAWT outcasts!!!

Be the last one standing...that's the main goal of the game. Finally, the father of all reality shows is here in search for the ultimate Pinoy sole survivor. Different folks from different backgrounds and personalities. Generally, they're athletic in body type and looks like they're super fit for the challenges. Cheeze luiz... Lots of 'em are good lookin with bangin bodies! Seriously, they're mucho caliente!

In the girls' division [Naak Tribe], this girl caught my eyes because of her remarkable and unique features. She looks almost like a native American Indian or something. Her name is Patani, perfect name to match her persona. Guess what...she's a yaya. Why not, right?

The other one that stood out for me was Zita, the labandera. I dunno but I think her 'ace' to make it to the finals is her long lasting endurance proven by all the challenges presented to her in her life.

Heyyy...Tyra would be proud of this pic coz she's got the neck...Nice job Zita!

With the boys division [Jarakay tribe], they got super HOT hot hot macho guys. Sorry but most of 'em can be underwear models (even the eldest one huh!). Though that Marlon (the waiter) guy is getting into my nerves this early (BTW, he's the only chub among the group), this tribe has a very big chance of out lasting the other, showing their potential on their first challenge.

For a perfect match up with Patani, we have Kiko. He's definitely a head-turner with looks like this. For the first time, I'm not disgusted with a guy beneath the dread locks (hope i spelled it right). That kind of hair just looks like sh*t to me but hey, he made it look damn good.

Lookin for a boy-next-door look, here's JC. He's the Hardcourt Heartthrob of San Sebastian so it's no surprise that he got the face of a heart breaker and a body of an athlete. I dunno if there's a use for his charm in the competition but for sure, he's one good reason to watch the show (for others ok?!).

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