Friday, September 5, 2008

Project Runway S05E08 -- Doing it for a Legend

Honestly speaking...I got bored with this episode. Sure thing Diane Von Furstenberg is such a huge fashion designer and a living legend but...I dunno, I just got bored. Anyway, this week's challenge was to do a look in line with Diane's new collection and it will be produced and sold exclusively to American Express card holders. Must be a big deal for the designers for some of 'em were overwhelmed by the challenge and even got teary (Kenley). They got all those precious fabrics from Diane's own store room and they were like grabbin like crazy. With all the work done and walked the runway by their models, here comes the judging.

Let's start with the better works. We got Korto's, Kenley's and Leanne's. I really liked what Korto did with the fabrics...interesting prints and a bright yellow splash. Kenley's was way to simple for me though the judges, especially Diane, responded to it quite positively. Then came Leanne...Oh gosh!!! Did I mentioned already that I adore this girl?! Her's was a classic and very relax take on the challenge and it worked. Second win in a row and she really do deserve it.

Then we got the not so pretty ones. Suede's, Joe's and Stella's. The one Suede did was just a blah to me and a yuck too. Enough said. Joe's problem was the execution and the not so well made hole at the back. When he almost got eliminated, it was Stella's time to go home. More than the "poor execution" of her garment, I think it's also because of the sense of style and taste that just doesn't quite related to Diane's aesthetics. I would love her to be the fan's fave! One of my fave cast this season so I hope she win that at least...




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