Thursday, September 4, 2008

America's Next Top Model S11E01E02 -- Dangerously Fierce!

Dangerous. Controversial. Fierce.

PART 1 -- first hour

Cycle 11 was officialy started last Wednesday (a 2-hour premiere) and it was a blast! The competition is in L.A. again, where Tyra started. About 30 something girls were chosen as semi-finalists and were brought into this some futuristic sort of lab welcomed by Alpha Jay and Beta Jay (wearing awful wigs...just an opinion). In a weird but very fascinating way, the girls were "scanned" and photographed for identification purposes. During the whole process of choosing on which of these girls will move on to the next round, a wide range of various personalities emerged. Different ethnicities, colors, etc. Not much of plus size girls (only one got through) but a new category of contestant(s) came and sure did make a big buzz among the girls. A transgender.

Remember those "girls" from cycle 10 that served as back up models on the first photo shoot of the season? One of 'em auditioned and made it in the line up. That fierce, fierce girl which Tyra personally commended for a job well done on that shoot, was born male. Yep folks, a he-she. When the other girls found out about it, Isis (the transgender) was bombarded with questions. Some of 'em were just curious, some of 'em just began the bitching. What do you expect, right?

So, as what I said, it was a great variety of girls this season. We got French, Japanese/Korean/and a splatter of black gene girl, bunch of black girls, and white of course, Native American Indian/African, a self confessed bi-girl, etc. We also got three Brittanys (two of 'em changed their names as Sharaun and McKey). There also was this Alaskan girl that says they don't have almost everything back in Alaska and got chased by a moose...poor girl. By far, my early faves are Marjorie (the French girl), Elina (the girl dating tomboy), and Isis. Girls that I'm not so happy about are Clark (pretty...boring but bitchy) and Nikeysha (Scandaliehsa clone, remember?). 14 girls were chosen and made it to the house.


Part II -- second hour

The girls were taken to their new fab home full of Tyra pics (I say a bit too much). They are in the getting to know each other still and stories were exchanged. I have to say that Isis' story stood out for me. Being the center of discussions around the house is not a comfortable spot to be in. Then the judges were introduced to the girls with some sort of a magic show: Mr. and Ms. Jay in their normal hair-do, the sexy Nigel Barker, and the ever so gorgeous Polina Porizkova. Each girl had the chance to do a one-on-one with each of the judges. Sharaun is simply the 18-year-old girl that she is introducing herself as the ANTM winner to everyone. Annoying, really... Then Marjorie is supppahhhh adorable! Though she's one big ball of nerves, I still think her looks screams MODEL!!!! So this week's shoot was all about making a statement on voting. <> Then came their first elimination round. Handfull of good comments and handfull of not so good ones. I thought I know who were the girls to grace the bottom two spot but nope... Two of my bets did an amazing job on the shoot with Marjorie being this week's best. Bottom two...Sharaun and Nikeyshia. I was intrigued with the judges' line regarding Nikeyshia... Nigel was about to comment bout her then Tyra cut him, same thing with Polina. I thought that it was the Seleisha-trauma of Tyra...if you know what I mean. But I figured it out that it's not..hehe! Miss self proclaimed ANTM winner said bye bye for it's her time to go...Buh bye then Sharaun.




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