Wednesday, July 23, 2008

talking bout "reTARDS" on TV...

I know that there's a lot of local TV programs that are simply bad. And when bad turned 'terribly bad', it means I cannot stand it at all. If ratings would be the basis of a show's popularity and success, then perhaps they made it happen. But please, oh please! Maybe that's one big reason of people's sudden facination on those Desperate Housve or Gossip Girl type of shows.

If I have anything to say not so good on a show, I'd rather not say it at all. I'll make any exemption on that today. I'm sorry SIS.

Never been a fan at all maybe because it's just not my TV show genre. The three hosts are pretty (in fact I love Carmina's and Gelli's style of dressing up) but all I usually hear are loud talkin (and shouting at times). The set have the tendency to be overly decorated with a little bit too much of unecessary junk (that looks cheap to me). Everyday, they come up with that stupid rhyming lines as the "title" for the day's episode...cheeze curlz anyone?! Oh, by the way, your cameras are way too malikot. The viewers can get a bit dizzy you know.

The reason I'm posting this rant is because, this morning's episode had driven me nuts! NUTS really! Today is all about a dancing showdown of these hunky male celebs (Aljur Abrenica, Mart Escudero, Andrew schimmer, Dion Ignacio, and Arthur Solinap) to the tune of Ricky Martin's dance songs. In between the dance numbers, of course they do some talkin because it's a "talk show" remember? The hosts came up with the question: "Ano ang gusto nyo about Ricky Martin?". Now the answers could get pretty too gay for the people being asked are males. And yeas as expected, it sounded a bit too gay: Ah..Ang nagustuhan ko sa kanya is yung sex appeal nya; Ang gusto ko sa kanya eh yung mga moves nya. The shocker was that someone answered "Agree ako sa sinabe ni *bleep*, gusto ko yung sex appeal nya, at tska laging 'Felix bakat'. I...I...I'm shocked.

Now what made it worse I guess was the "judges" of the day. Mostly screamin parloristas. Oh my gosh, I feel bad on being a bit of a racist (almost) here but goodness gracious, people bear with me on this. The cheering and screaming is good for like a second or two but that's it. They tried to comment on how the boys did on shaking their bon bons and all I heared were some non sense talking, mostly copied on each other's word. I feel like it was some sort of a sabotage on these people's sense of dignity making fools out of themselves (ooh! I know a show like that *cough*WOWOWEE*cough*). Please don't make 'em look more of an idiot out of themselves!

I dunno, maybe it's just my opinion. You have yours and I have mine and everyone's entitled to their own opinions right? SIS please make it work! Chop chop now! Don't make it too cheesey! Argh!

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