Thursday, July 17, 2008


One of my fave girls in the history of ANTM is this full figured (to my surprise is almost of the same size now with Tyra) girl with the biggest personality to match, Ms. Toccara Jones. If I'll ever get the chance (which I think is far from possible now) to grab one of the latest VOUGE Italia, I won't let it just pass me by. Toccara made it in the said magazine issue. Good thing is that it's not just one or two page spread but I think it's about 7 or 8. Here are some of the fab pics:

BTW, Tyra is also there striking it fierce once again. People are like why not put Alek Wek there too... Oh well, congrats to Toccara. I mean, I haven't heared of an ANTM winner to pose for this mag so kudos to you!

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