Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random ANTM thought...

I was watching this season recap / rant by henryevilx on youtube:

And suddenly I remembered how empty the whole history of ANTM could have been without these two bizzare, unexplainably talkative, old looking, and surprisingly ultra hilarious girls : Jade and Dominique.

Name : Jade Cole.
Self-given title: The undiscovered supermodel.
Main Description: Such a diva who has her own list of vocabulary words like our very own Melanie Marquez.
Infamous line : "This is not Americas Next Top Best Friend!", "I'm a beautiful biracial butterfly", "Leftover lady, let alone the strongest to be subdued
If I only had the magic key that would unlock the realms to the plateau of the highest me
Even though I've been badly bruised, livin' in a house to become a popular muse."

Name : Dominique Reighard
Self-given title : The 'seleisha' of Cycle 10
Main Description : The most tranny lookin contestant ANTM ever had. Called Whitney a racist. Never a very close friend to anyone in the house.
Infamous line : "I wanna be freaking Mother Theresa, in a diva kindda way" (best line of the season and a nominee on best line ever said on ANTM)

There you have it, may you be the judge...

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