Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Learn how to get your "Victory Hair"

Steamy hot 'magic' after doing your moves and saying your flirty lines will definitely lead you to your winning Victory Hair. Shake it and maybe mess up what your momma gave you and you might find yourself in a crazy flirty situation that I bet you won't regret. There's a lot of ways to express one's triumph over something pretty hard to get. If you got your Victory Hair on, that simply means that you're one lucky Ultimate Flirting Champion. To put it in my own words, Victory Hair is when a stunning and hot looking son of adam and a gorgeous sizzling daughter of eve felt a sudden jolt of electricity upon laying eyes on each other for the first time, then they begin to find their way to each other, flirtin their way in and BOOM!, just like an atomic bomb explosion and things got pretty messed up (in a very sweat drippin way). Then there you go, perfect Victory Hair!

Ok, now I'll do my kind of step-by-step plan towards my own sexy, stunning Victory Hair. This is something that my professor once "thought" us his ways back when he's in college himself. Proven and tested so this might work for the guys out there too.
STEP 1. Let's just say that you're having a big time crush on a classmate or perhaps officemate or whatever. Time to go home, invite her to come along with you and your group of friends. Make sure that she won't feel out of place or what so ever discomfort.
STEP 2. Tell your friends (within that group) to walk passed the two of you, making sure that your converstations won't be overheard. Be coy and keep a good conversation.
STEP 3. Now this is the exciting part, (MAKE IT or BREAK IT) in a swift manner, hold her hand. Expect two reactions: one, she'll instantly take her hand back and/with a slap; or two, she'll let it happen. If number two happened, then good for you.
STEP 4. If she took her hand back, just keep on walking and REPEAT STEP 3! Keep doing it and if not successful after 4 or five attempts, GIVE UP and just say "I'm just kidding girl! I love to love my own kind thank you very much.

To do some checking on your rusty FLIRTY moves, try playing this fun, fun game:

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