Wednesday, July 30, 2008

promoting DustinBayPhotography

I'm doing this for free just because I became an instant fan once I laid my eyes on these fab pictures... I've said this to myself tons of times that if I'd ever have the chance to have a break in photography, oh boy, I'll make sure to make it big time. This guy for sure is making some noise now.

These are my fave pics from his work and I must say that they are so amazing. These people by the way are somewhat my idols in a way.

Rajo Laurel. Now Rajo looks way too different here than in person but the pic is really nice.

Avi Siwa. Former host of GMA7's show OUT. She's bisexual by the way...

Jigs Mayuga. Former co-host of Ms. Avi Siwa on the same show. Gay..duh?! He's now working for L'oreal Paris I believe and you can get a glimpse of him once in a while on Project Runway Philippines.

Rufa Mae Quinto. One of the funniest commidiene there is on local TV. I swear!

Viktor. Owner of Viktor jeans I believe. Costomized jeans from Viktor are the best (hey any GC comin yet? free advertisement here).

Jeremy Favia. He's a chef and yep he's on TV via KaToque on Qtv 11. Cutie huh?! By the way, I've heared that he's a product of UST (go USTe! go USTe! go! go! go! go!)

To see more of DustinBay's work check 'em out on his Multiply account :


Anonymous said...

you've got the wrong person dude. the guy responsible for these photos is "Niccolo Cosme" and not Dustin Ibay. ayt? u can see it here, and

~yeoj~ said...

ah ok...hahaha! honest mistake...