Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bring in the BRANDS

Thinking of some of my fave brands, and wonder if they could (if possible one day) sponsor my blog site and perhaps have some 'freebies' from 'em. Sponsor me and I advertise you in return, that's the idea...

This is my list of the stuff that I would love to see in that I would be very honored to post anything about them. FAVES.FAVES.FAVES. Oooh I definitely have my type of car, I say Ford or BMW. HAH! Clothing brand, I'd love to say some designer high end brands but for a local one I'd be happy to have Bench (by the way, congratulations to their successful Blackout fashion show which happened very recently). Soft Drink, who on Earth haven't tasted CocaCola right, I mean hella?! Software...hmmm...Avast AntiVirus has been performing really, really good so I dare say it's one of my faves. Website, I could name tons but I'll pick for this one and of course! Fast food, tough one...hmmm...I'll go with McDonalds, for I celebrated my first birthday there. HEhehe! With everything sporty I'll definitely go for Adidas. Mobile phones, I'll have Sony or Motorola for this one. Anything that have to do with images or video techie gadgets I'd have to say Canon. The ever so popular Starbucks for my coffee shop brand. And finally, Nintendo for my personal amusement needs, thank you very much... Sponsors anyone?

All of these brands I'd love to see in for I believe the most on them. And if I, myself believes in their quality of service, therefore I'll have more faith on what I blog about, right? So, calling all these fave brands of mine, try, I'm sure they would be of great helf and I would definitely be honored, as what I've said, to be of service to you.

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