Monday, July 21, 2008

another ProjRunway5 post...

Well, I just knew that it already started (thnx again to angie) so this one is a bit of a late review. But hey, nothing's too late for something this good.

Contestants were introduced though the casting part was not showed. I see some interesting ones and some that right from the start you can tell that won't make it. Some good looking male designers (Keith Bryce and Wesley Nault), some got their own unique and bizzare styles ("Suede", Stella Zotis), people of color (Korto Momoru, Terri Stevens, Jerry Tam, and Blayne Walsh [sqeeze in his tan]), some season 4 counterparts (Jerell Scott the former model male version, Kelli Martin the younger version of Sweet P., and Daniel Feld who looks like Mario from season 1), and finally the mousey "silent assasins" (Leanne Marshall, Emily Brandale, Jennifer Diederich). Others that I didn't mention (one or two of 'em) are just a blah for me as of now. No faves yet but I do think that what Kelli did was really nice.

INNOVATION. That's the word for this week's challenge just like season 1's first challenge. Project Runway's definition of this word is to do something out of the ordinary and traditional. It means that they want to see some weird stuff put on those dresses that actually looks pretty, nice and wearable. Apparently, I think more than half of the designers primarily used table cloth which is not good for this challenge. Kelli won by using the vacum cleaner papers and some coffee paper filters. Austin Scarlet (which is by the way their guest judge because of winning this challenge 4 seasons back) was quite impressed with Kelli's techniques and details which was agreed by Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

for a second I thought this is Jaslene

All in all I think this season would be equally exciting as the past ones. Heidi is looking fierce as usual (as if she never given birth yet) and Tim is in his usual attire and looking fine. Hmmm...I just wish that Project Runway Philippines could do justice to the show (unlike that crappy PNTM...UGH!).

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