Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm gonna f*ckin snip you out of the competition if I only can! F*ck you Suede!
Ok...that was a good release...

I thought I'm going to have two in a row. Last week, Wesley was eliminated and I was hoping he'd be there long enough at least but no. This time, Keith was almost in the bottom two, glad it didn't happen. I got worried when the "toilet paper swept in a storm" garment mentioned by Michael Kors turned out to be his. Keith and Wesley were my early faves ok...This week the Pin-Up vintage looking girl won the challenge and I must say that it was a pretty good job. I thought that this (vision on what a night out in New York looks like) challenge had the potential of producing some very interesting and supposed to be extraordinarily fantastic garments which I didn't quite see on the runway. We got some broken down clock, bursting pieces of cloth on a black dress, again, toilet paper literally drowned, etc. Oh, by the way, good job for Leanne bouncing back from last week's bottom two. She impressed the judges on how quickly she learned how to edit her work. I guess the silent fashion assassin is going to be a killer designer. Another designer that I'm liking now is that biker chic. More and more I'm getting a "sweet p." kind of attitude and I love that. I love Sweet P...
I'm sorry Emily, that means you're out. Auf'd...

Kenley ... winner




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