Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project Runway Pinas...

As I was typing this post, I was watching Project Runway Philippines on TV. Too bad that I only got caught of the second half of the show, but it is good enough for me...

Oh gosh! I never expected it to be way too gay! I mean, I've seen enough of that in their American and Canadian part. No straight people here (except for the girls though). Anyway, I've seen some very interesting personalities aside from the judges. I love that Jigs Mayuga of L'oreal got this job. He's one of the hosts of then show OUT on GMA7. I bet he'll rock it. Also I'm glad to see Mr. Frederick Peralta as their first guest judge. The first time I've heared of him was in the Celebrity Duets, again from GMA7. Nice style!

So today's challenge is all about showcasing their identity as fashion designers. I don't know their names yet so I cannot really pin point whom I like and not. This early some of the fags are already bringing on their bitchin level way up high. Not to mention, the one who won the challenge annoyed almost everyone when he 'sang' (that sounded like a pig sqealing) a Tagalog song. Obviously enjoying himself, he just doesn't seem to care bout the others. I was a bit sad for the first eliminated contestant which was the mom aged 50 something. To compete with the younger ones can be more than a challenge for her because the level of her competitiveness I guess weren't there. As far as innovation and creativity are concerned NUH UH, just not there.

I think the rest of this will be fun! Wed. PRPhilippines . Thur. PR season 5 . Fri. another RAJO day . Sat. a fashion show day. Angie thnx for the invitation huh! Hehe! OH I just remembered, as I was in a hurry to go home after our PP3 class, there was an explosion on Espana right across UST though I don't think no one's got hurt. It made sudden commotion among students and passersby alike. I overheared that there were two men involved with it. Intriguing...just intriguing.

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